3. Assessment Details 3.1 Details of Each Assessment Item

3. Assessment Details
3.1 Details of Each Assessment Item
The assessments for this subject are described below. The description includes the type of assessment, its purpose, weighting, due date and submission requirements, the topic of the assessment, details of the task and detailed marking criteria, including a marking rubric for essays, reports and presentations. Supplementary assessment information and assistance can be found in Moodle.
KOI expects students to submit their own original work in both assignments and exams, or the original work of their group in the case of group assignments.
Assessment 1
Assessment Type: Individual Assessment — Essay 1500words
Purpose: This assessment builds students oral and written communication skills, and gives the students real life understanding of the challenges and rewards of running a business. This relates to learning outcome a, b.
Value: 25% Due Date: Friday Week 4 by 5pm.
Submission: Soft copy uploaded to Moodle and Turnitin — Word .doc or .docx.
Topic: Business Culture Essay
Aye Oz Foods is a start-up food business in Dubbo, NSW. It’s CEO, owner and single worker Ms. Cooper has a background in cooking and continuously experimenting with new recipes for sauces and condiments and bottling them as gifts. Through the outlet shop and attached small factory a variety of condiments, chili sauces, pastes, chutneys and jams are made and sold. These products use organic ingredients, no preservatives and are very popular. The next step is to expand Aye Oz to Thailand as the products will sell well there. The CEO will meet the Manager of Eatum Food Company in Bangkok is 55yo Mr. Thi Le. The CEO isn’t certain how to correctly conduct business in the Thailand and with an older male. The CEO is concerned about their first meeting.
Full task details: You are required to provide a 1500-word formal analytical essay. Using a minimum of five scholarly references that have been written in the last five years and are credible and reliable.
You are to discuss the following in detail with references:
o Thai business etiquette and the steps that Aye Oz CEO can take to make a favourable first impression when meeting the Manager of Eatum Food Company Mr. Thi Le.
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King’s Ow
BUS709 Instifut
o Suggest suitable things the CEO can do to increase the success of the meeting and future business arrangements.
o Include a section on areas of potential cross-cultural miscommunication, using either Hofstede or the GLOBE Models of Culture.
You are to use formal English each of your sentences must have meaning and relevance. Make sure you use third person throughout the essay.
o Ms Cooper is to be referred to as; the CEO, Aye Oz Foods or the CEO.
o Mr Thi Le is referred to as; the Manager, Eatum Food Company or the Manager.
Marking Guide:
Introduction: 5%
Coverage of key concepts: 20%
Review of relevant theory and research related Hofstede or GLOBE Model: 20%
Implication of theory: 15%
Recommendations and Conclusion: 10%
Write using academic language and structure: 15%
Adhere to academic referencing conventions and acknowledge sources: 15%
A very detailed marking rubric is below.
Assignment Format: A title page Including: Name, student number. Assessment 1: Individual Cultural Essay. For: Tutors Name. Date. No table of content page is required. The essay should have an Introduction, body and conclusion. However, these should be written without using headings. The written text should be right and left justified and double spaced throughout. Please use a single column format. The font can be: Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11 pt or Arial 1Opt.
Assignment Alarm: Only your first submission will be marked. Don’t make a mistake in submitting the wrong one. Ensure you do this assignment yourself.
Marking Guide: Please refer to the marking rubric for details about each marking criteria.

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