1. Back Ground of Question: 
Primary Care physicians and healthcare personnel offer some preventive services. At least four of these services—maternal, infant, and child health; HIV; sexually transmitted diseases; and immunization and infectious diseases are likely to be available through local departments of public health, in community and neighborhood health center clinics, and from other providers of public health services. 
Question: Please share your thoughts on why there is skepticism of cost-effectiveness of preventative services? (Half a Page, 1 Reference)

2. Back Ground of Question: Telehealth use digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage one’s health care.  
Question: Please share some of the downside of using telehealth? (Half a Page, 1 Reference)

3. Back Ground of Question: Costco’s Supply Chain Management.  
Question: Explain Costco’s Supply Chain Management like this:  

Example of the Information I need: Costco has a supplier diversification strategy for this decision area of operations management. However, the company’s supply chain management is focused on quality and low prices. As a result, Costco offers a limited array of products at its warehouses/stores. The company does not sell products with high bulk/wholesale prices. (1 Full Page, 2 References)

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