We all know that the Brady’s were one of the first blended families on television. Carol, who had three daughters from her first marriage, married Mike, who had three sons from his first marriage.

For this assignment, let’s assume Mike and Carol Brady divorce. During the marriage, Mike adopted Carol’s children and Carol adopted Mike’s children, so they are both the legal parents of all the children. Only Bobby and Cindy are minors at the time of divorce; the other children are adults.

You will need to read the child support pamphletDownload child support pamphlet (focus on primary and shared custody), Civil Rule 90.3Download Civil Rule 90.3 and Rule 90.3 commentaryDownload Rule 90.3 commentary on income to complete this assignment. Read each scenario and answer the questions.

When answering these questions, please attach your DR 305Links to an external site. and 306Links to an external site..

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