Summarize the key points from each link

The assignment minimum of five full pages, double-spaced, twelve-point font, a typical full page of writing is about 22 lines, not a “shortened” page of 16 lines, and “full” means to the bottom of the page.

Does not need a cover page or a ″Works Cited″ page. In this homework assignment, you are to summarize the key points from each link in the exact sequence in which they are listed and numbered below. A grading rubric is used to assess your summary of the key points in each link.

Further, you are to enter the number designated for each link, and the title/name of each link, followed by your summary of the key points in that link.

For example, your assignment is to look like this: 1. Britain. The Magistrates′ Court. Your summary with key points. 2. Britain. The Crown Court. Your summary with key points. 3. Britain. How London′s homicide rate stacks up against major U.S. cities. Your summary with key points. And so on, until you have completed link 17.

This homework assignment does not call for your analysis, opinion and/or decision. Because you will not be giving your analysis, opinion and/or decision in this homework assignment, the quality of your summary/synopsis for the material in the links will comprise the basis for your grade in this assignment. Do not cut and paste material from the links, or anything like that. Write the key points in your own words, demonstrating your understanding of the concepts, in grammatically correct sentences. Read the entire article and view the entire video. The grading rubric includes the key points from the entirety of each link. Because the quantity of key material in each link varies, your summary of the key material in each link will correspondingly vary. Links 1-17 below:

Link 1) BRITAIN. The Magistrates′ Court (University of Derby). The Magistrates Court generally handles misdemeanor type offenses. 4 minute video. Link

2) BRITAIN. The Crown Court (University of Derby). The Crown Court handles felony type cases. 5 minute video. Link

3) BRITAIN. How London′s homicide rate stacks up against major U.S. cities (CNN)

4) (in attached files) BRITAIN. BBC News – Why British police don’t have guns

Link5) (in attached files) BRITAIN. Gun crime: How do weapons appear on England′s streets? – BBC News

Link 6) BRITAIN. How dangerous are prisons in England and Wales? (BBC)

Link 7) GERMANY. Germany′s crime rate fell to lowest level in decades in 2018. (DW German News)

Link 8) 8. GERMANY. What German prisons do differently (Vera Institute of Justice) 3 minute video.

Link 9) Germany: Low Crime, Clean Prisons, Lessons for America (TEDx Talks) 25 minute video.

Link 10) GERMANY. The German prison program that inspired Connecticut (CBS 60 Minutes) 13 minute video.

Link 11) GERMANY. Germany′s confusing rules on swastikas and Nazi symbols (DW German News)

Link 12) (in attached files) GERMANY. Holocaust Denier Gets 5 Years

Link 13) (in attached files) GERMANY. How Germany Deals With Neo-Nazis – The New York Times.pdf

Link 14) Russian couple filmed at protest may lose children (BBC)

Link 15) (in attached files) RUSSIA. In Russia, Political Criticism Is a 4-Letter Word (and a $470 Fine) – The New York Times.pdf

Link 16) (in attached files) RUSSIA. Rapper Is Jailed for 12 Days in Russia as a Culture War Spreads – The New York Times.pdf

Link 17) RUSSIA. Russia Behind Bars: Fighting for victims of an often arbitrary justice system (DW) 3 minute video

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