Assignment: How Illnesses and Injuries Affect the Mind
In this Assignment, you will educate either a caregiver of an elderly patient or a caregiver of a young child patient on ways to prevent and manage psychological manifestations. Review the Learning Resources dealing with injuries and depression and anxiety.

The Assignment:

Develop a teaching plan for treating the potential psychological issues that may result from health crises in either the elderly or young children. You will use PowerPoint to present your teaching plan. Some considerations to make include:

1. In what ways does mental health need to be considered across the illness/injury continuum?
2. How can nurses help both patients and caregivers work through mental blocks and depression associated with an illness or injury?
3. Although treatment will take place in a medical facility, how can non-medical treatments be used as a supplement?

Support your idea with a minimum of 3 references from the professional nursing literature in the assigned course readings below. If they are relevant, you may use one or two professional Web sites in addition to the literature references.Include the main elements of your presentation to a group of parents or elderly or their caregivers. This PowerPoint presentation should include between 8–10 slides.

Use these Resources for the assignment

Grading creteria

1. Provided an overview slide on the purpose of the presentation.
2. Described ways mental health needs should be considered across the illness/injury continuum and focused on population to consider and target audience.
3. Outlined a teaching plan to help both patients and caregivers prevent/manage psychological manifestations associated with an illness, injury, or health crisis.
4. Addressed possible non-medical treatments to be used as a supplement.
5. Provided a summary of the main points of the teach plan/presentation.

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