A team player attribute

As part of any organization, institution or company, it is important that one possess an attribute of working as a team. In that case, that individual should be a team player. I am a team player since I believe if one needs to achieve results in any field especially a technical field such an engineering then one should utilize the synergy acquired in working as a group. Institutions need strong team players to perform above the rest. Also, it is a cooperative process that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results scarnati (2001, p.5)
In this case am a highly reliable person who does work allocated to me and I do it to the best of my ability to ensure I meet strict deadlines and at the same time to achieve desired results. . As I work in a team I also ensure I communicate effectively with my team members and on the other hand listen to them actively. I am able to express my thoughts and ideas clearly, be honest and also respect the ideas of others. I also listen attentively to others absorb their ideas and consider their point of view. I also receive criticism positively for the betterment of the team. According to a case study on successful teamwork by Pina Tarricone, an effective team should provide a platform for open communication and positive feedback.
I also cooperate with others in my workplace, to accomplish a task be it a project or an assignment. I figure out a way of working as a team and also in case of any varied views in doing a task, I always figure out a way of doing the task in the confines of the group and I exhibit flexibility in which case am open to new ideas of carrying out the tasks. Due to this , I believe am an active team player.

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