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individual assessment. 3000 (+/- 10%) words in essay format. The word count excludes the cover sheet, contents page, references, appendices, and illustrations (e.g. diagrams, graphs and tables)

Purpose: To allow students to research ethics and leadership and to enable students to examine and critically analyse how it is applied in modern organisations. Students will also develop an understanding of some of the activities that make up scholarly research and to see the way in which knowledge is built gradually. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, b, c, d and e.


Submission: Upload a soft copy – Word Document (.doc or .docx format) to Turnitin on Moodle. Do not submit PDF documents.

Topic: Ethics and Leadership 

Task Details: Students are required to analyse a range of literature, and make supported recommendations to answer the question. Students need to apply their own interpretation and judgement to the question, based on approved and valid research (see Research Requirements below). Students who simply regurgitate their answers from the textbook or lecture notes risk failing the assignment. Research Students are expected to support their conclusions with suitable references,

Requirements: including the text and a MINIMUM of 8 peer reviewed academic journal articles. Other appropriate, industry valid sources should also be used. You may NOT use non-academic journal references such as use webpages, blogs, newspaper articles, magazines, Wikipedia and others.

Presentation: The research essay should be written in formal academic narrative style. Your assignment will be evaluated for clarity of expression, overall presentation, logical organisation, paragraphing, and grammar, spelling and punctuation. As this is an academic assignment, please do not use abbreviated or casual language, or bracketed comments. For essays, use headings sparingly. The focus is on using your own words rather than extensively using direct quotes. Direct quotes should be used as little as possible, and only in certain circumstances such as when defining key constructs/terms, conveying a difficult concept that might be misinterpreted if the author’s original words are not used, or for literary effect. Edit your work carefully for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, and to be sure you are precise in your choice of words and expression of ideas.

•Do NOT use non-academic journal references such as use webpages, blogs, newspaper articles, magazines, Wikipedia and others.Get accounting assignment homework help 


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