Analyzing an organisation’s social media

This task is a project based. You are required to identify an organisation (Polytechnic Malaysia) and analyse its social media . You may select one of the social media (facebook) to complete this task. The analysis should be based on sentiment analysis perspective. Please refer to course Academic Planning for the details. Synopsis The exceptional growth of social media has modified the orgnaisational landscapes. Social media has transformed how we construct and consume knowledge, act in response to sentiment, monitor risk, manage disasters, and interact with the public and one another. This course examines the managerial role of social media practices for corporate. Various aspects of social media sentiment and risk for business operation are presented either theoretically or from the available case study. Besides discussing about the elements and types of the sentiments and risk, student will be presented with the framework on how they can be managed. The corporate communication image management approaches are discussed to provide insights and skills in managing the social media. Using variety communication techniques and strategies, this course explores effective and appropriate management plan in preventing and managing social media for corporate purposes. Course Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this task, you should be able: i. Diagnose social media sentiment and risk on business operations ii. Evaluate action to manage social media sentiment and risk. iii. Formulate corporate communication strategy to overcome social media sentiment and risk for corporate purposes.

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