This is an individual assessment examining issues in managerial practice. It is essential that the behaviour examined is related to the organisational context in the Case Study assigned. You will select ONE Topic we have explored in weeks 1-4 (see the list below) and apply 2 to 3 theories or models from that Topic; analyse the situation, draw conclusions and make recommendations for improvement.
Select ONE from below:
Effective Communication
In your in-depth analysis you are required to examine managerial issues relating to leadership or management roles and responsibilities; employee development; and ethical issues linking these to the Case Study. Using theories and models explored in this unit so far, what might you recommend to improve the given situation
Describe the theories identified
Demonstrate your understanding of relevant theories as covered in the unit and your wider reading around the subject area. For example, if your report is about communication you might wish to discuss the Communication Process. If you are basing your report one of the other topics covered you will, of course, need to use theories appropriate to that topic. Utilise wider reading, research other material available on the organisation as well as your selected theories.
Application of Theory and Analysis
Apply the theories to your chosen topic and THINK!! Undertake an in-depth analysis based on the theories. What does this suggest For example, what leadership style is present in the case and how does this influence the organisation This will form the main part of your report.
What conclusions can you draw from your in-depth analysis
You will need to make clear recommendations for improvement based on the theoretical application and analysis and advise the company on how this might be implemented.

Length & Structure
1500 words (+/- 150 words). Content in appendix or references does not count as part of the wordage

Your analysis must be presented in report format, fully referenced throughout the report, with a comprehensive reference list providing full bibliographic details of sources cited using the Harvard style.

Quality Regulation apply (Quality Handbook Chapter 8 Section 7.5)
7.5 Word lengths and format.
7.5.1 If written assignments exceed the stipulated number of words by a margin of more than 10%, normally the first part of the text up to the assignment limit should only be graded. If work is not submitted in the specified format, the work should be downgraded or the board of examiners may resolve that it should not be graded.

Assessment Criteria
The general assessment criteria for this assessment task can be found in the Assessments section of the Blackboard Unit site. Remember it’s not just about completing the task, so keep in mind the other criteria.


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