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Assignment- Letter of Application
Read Chapter 15 carefully. The formal Letter of Application (for a job opening) is equally as important as the résumé.
For this assignment, you will project yourself into your future after you have graduated from the college of your choice with the degrees of your choice. Feel free to add or embellish things (in this assignment) that have not happened yet in order to help your chances of getting the job or an interview. Read and utilize chapter 15 of the textbook and write a formal letter of application to any business of your choice.
Be mindful of format and make sure that your letter does not exceed 1 page typed. Size 12, Times New Roman is the required format. You will be evaluated on all aspects, including this format, of a proper Letter of Application.
Use the sample letter I provided in this section as the model for your letter. Make your letter look just like this sample in regard to appearance and usage of spacing (double/single), tabs, paragraphs, punctuation, headings, bold, italics, underlining, information and order of information presented, etc.

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