Applying The Social Entrepreneurship Concept Commerce Essay

This undertaking is about using the societal entrepreneurship construct in the ICE-Port design.This undertaking will be focused on the attacks to advance the societal entrepreneurship activities via the ICE-Port.The thoughts for the plans to be conducted are non merely come from ISEC commission or MASMED, but it is besides will enable all the ISEC members to give and get down any related programs.The aims of this undertaking is to place the societal entrepreneurship construct, to place the characteristics for ICE-Port as societal entreprenteurship construct and to plan the ICE-Port.The execution of this undertaking will be in 3 stages, job designation, demand and and analysis and besides plan phases.This undertaking is expected to finish within 2 semester.The awaited consequence of this undertaking would be ICE-Port paradigm and SDD.
Chapter 1

This chapter discusses the undertaking background, job statement, purpose, aims, range and significance of the undertaking. The undertaking background presents the overview of proposed undertaking and the job statement will place the job occurs. Significance of the undertaking is besides stated in this chapter.
1.1 Undertaking Background.
Entrepreneurship plans were conducted among university pupils in order to expose pupils to entrepreneurial values and accomplishments, which cover leading, invention, creativeness, resiliency, fight, independency, calculated hazard and the ability to place and make chances ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, n.d ) .
To heighten the entrepreneurship programme, The Higher Education Entrepreneurship Development Policy was launched on 13 April 2010. The purpose of this policy is to promote the development of entrepreneurship plans among higher instruction pupils in a holistic mode and well-structured program.The execution of the policy is aim at bring forthing alumnuss which non merely success in academic but besides have the enterprisers attributes, believing and accomplishments, to increase the figure of enterprisers among alumnuss for the accomplishment of economic transmutation ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, n.d ) .
‘Kemahiran Insaniah ‘ plan, one of the attacks introduced by the Ministry of Higher Education ( MOHE ) for the development of human capital among university pupils has outlined entrepreneurship accomplishments as one of the 7 elements as the aims of the plan ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, n.d ) .
Before the execution of the entrepreneurship policy by MOHE, UiTM one measure further in develop and back up the entrepreneurship elements among their pupils. UiTM has introduced entrepreneurship classs as an attempt to advance entrepreneurship as a feasible calling option ( Arshad, Buyong, Wahab & A ; Salleh, 2011 ) . This can be seen in academic survey program which entrepreneurship class has been highlighted as one of the compulsory topic in some faculities such as Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (, n.d. ) .Other than that, one of the iniatitives is the constitution of Malayan Academy of SME & A ; Entrepreneurship Development ( MASMED ) .MASMED is the combination of Pusat Pembangunan Usahawan Malaysia ( MEDEC ) , Tunas Mekar and Entrepreneurship Research and Support Centre ( ERSC ) was established in April 2010 to carry on and form entrepreneurship programmes among UiTM pupils ( hypertext transfer protocol: //,2011 ) .MASMED responsible to bring forth enterprisers among the UiTM pupils and to construct the entrepreneurship accomplishments and values among the pupils to better the marketability of employment. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //,2011 ) .
Besides the introducing of entrepreneurship class, UiTM exposed the entrepreneurship elements through the extracurricular and club activities ( Arshad, Buyong, Wahab & A ; Salleh, 2011 ) . As defined by Dalrymple and Evangelou in 2006, extracurricular activities refer to the activities which are non covered in the university course of study and it will take topographic point outside the category clip. Perlembagaan Persatuan UiTM in 2012 highlighted the activities will be conducted must supply some value to the targeted group, including entrepreneurship, academic, community service and leadership.According to Arshad, Buyong, Wahab and Salleh ( 2011 ) , there are merely 0.6 % of UiTM pupils participated in more than 3 entrepreneurship activities while analyzing. This really little per centum is due to miss of publicity on entrepreneurship activities.
To back up the MOHE and UiTM attempts in developing the entrepreneurship elements and involvements among pupils, this undertaking will be attempted to happen an alternate to advance the activities to be conducted by planing a portal and using the entrepreneurship construct and societal entrepreneurship construct was chosen. As one of the pupil association, ISEC was chosen to reflect for this undertaking. Since ISEC do non hold any community battle portal, societal entrepreneurship construct will be applied for the design of ISEC community battle portal ( ICE-Port ) .In suppport MOHE and UiTM entrepreneurial mission, this portal will be functioned as one of the medium for ISEC community to derive information about ISEC and activities planned at the same clip advancing the entrepreneurship activities.
1.2 Problem Statement
The non being medium to advance an entrepreneurship activities have causes the pupils to non take part in such activities.
In my informal treatment with Information Systems Engineering Club ( ISEC ) commission, current patterns have been applied to advance or inform the pupils about the extracurricular and nine activities is through the societal web medium such as Facebook and through the messaging between the organiser and category representatives.There are issues originate with the current state of affairs such as the pupils do non acquire the information because bash non hold societal web history and category representatives unable to explicate in inside informations about certain activities.
And since ISEC is a pupil association, in work outing the job stated, as mentioned before, this undertaking will be focused on the using a type of the entrepreneurship, societal entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship was chosen because Minister of Higher Education Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin in 2011 said this attack will gives pupils the chance to pattern the procedure of advanced solutions by combine cognition, entrepreneurship, and research experience.The attack, he said, can be used in order to form plans to supply societal alteration to the local community.Resolution of issues or jobs faced by the community, he said, can be addressed through plans organized by their pupils through this attack. This construct more relevant to use among ISEC commission because it is non for net income intiatives ( Austin, Stevenson & A ; Wei-Skiller, 2003 ) and the net income addition will be re-invested to the ISEC community.
1.3 Aim
To use sosial entrepreneurship construct for the design of ISEC Community Engagement Portal ( ICE-Port ) .
1.4 Aims
The chief aims of this undertaking are:
1. To place societal entrepreneurshipconcept.
2. To place the functionalities for ISEC Community Engagement Portal ( ICE-Port ) harmonizing to societal entrepreneurship construct.
3. To plan the ICE-Port.
1.5 Scope
The execution of this undertaking is to help ISEC Committee in using the entrepreneurial constructs in their activities and prosecute the community of ISEC.
1.6 Undertaking Stakeholders
The possible stakeholders for this undertaking are:
1. MASMED Staff
2. ISEC Committee.
1.7 Significance of Undertaking
1. Development Team.
This undertaking can help those who are interested to implement this undertaking further.This is
because this undertaking will plan the undertaking harmonizing to the societal entrepreneurship
constructs and it will do easy for them to develop the system.
2. ISEC Community.
Once the undertaking have been implemented, it will give benefits to ISEC commission and
community in footings of prosecuting the community and the information sing ISEC
activities can be informed in more proper ways.
Chapter 2
This chapter purpose to reexamine the relevant literature of the portal development construct, community battle construct and societal entrepreneurship construct.
2.1 Portal Development
2.1.1 Definition of Portal.
The portal is an individual log-on online campus services which would supply pupils
with entree to online university web sites, and class information from any location.
( Cabacungan, Clark, Feldman, Flamm, Ford, etc.,2002 ) . ( n.d, as cited in Maltz, 2005 ) defined a portal as a web site or
service which provides many services and maps such as intelligence, hunt engines,
electronic mail, forums which can pull a immense figure of users.
Whereas “ What is Portal ” ( n.d ) defined portal as all in one web sites which contains
the aggregation of information from different beginnings and incorporate it with individual entree
point.Tatnall ( 2005 ) described portals as a door which enables users to entree to the
other web sites by utilizing cyberspace, intranet or extranet.
2.1.2 Portal Categorization
There are many types of portals as listed byTatnall in 2005 as described below:
1. General/Mega Portals.
The end for this portal is to go the mainpage for their user to entree to
the other websites.Free electronic mail, links to chew the fat room, shopping web sites, contains
the information and intelligence about athleticss and current issues are some of the
services provided by the general portal.They make their money through the
advertizement, and the success of this portal are measured by their figure of
2. Vertical Industry Portals.
These portals fundamentally focused on the specific industries such as wellness attention,
bivouacing equipment and steel merchandises.
3. Horizontal Industry Portals.
These portals are based around a group of industries and it provide their user
with the information on a broad country of subjects.
4. Community Portals.
It managed by community groups to portion their common involvements among each
5. Enterprise Information Portals.
This portal designed for business-to-employee ( B2E ) processes. It enable the
employees to entree and portion data.Usually can be entree utilizing intranet
6. E-marketplace Portals.
It is an drawn-out of endeavor information portals but it can be entree to a
company ‘s extranet connexion. Very helpful for business-to-business procedures
such as engagement, reserve and supply of points. The purpose to cut down cost and to
guarantee the services or order will get on clip
7. Personal/Mobile Portals.
This portal was designed to do easy for nomadic user to pass on
particularly from a distance.
8. Information Portals.
This portal contains specific types of information such the athleticss information
portals dedicated to supply information about athleticss.
2.1.3 Common Features of Portal.
A research done by Butters in 2003 shown there are common characteristics in portal development. He listed as below:
Utilities which includes electronic mail history, calendar and contriver.
User profiling-The information about an user based on their involvements and background ( Schiaffino & A ; Amandi, 2009 ) .
Resource find including subject-specific and individual mark on.
News/News provender.
Community communicating which contains message boards and on-line treatment.
Advertising refers as the advertizements through the utilizing of cyberspace.
Maltz in 2005 listed the common characteristics of portal as below:
Single mark on- A individual user designation and watchword will enable a user to entree all authorized systems without holding to log on in individually ( Anchan and Pegah, 2003 ) .
Role-Based hallmark
Newss and proclamation.
Search engine.
Student information system.
Harmonizing to Cabacungan, Clark, Feldman, Flamm, Ford, etc ( 2002 ) , agreed with Maltz in naming the common standards of pupil portal specifically. They added pupil portal should hold:
Learning Management System-Is an information system that monitors the acquisition classs and keeps path of pupil advancement records ( Brown & A ; Johnson, 2007 ) .
From a research based on the literature reappraisal, a functionalities that serves in pupil portal should hold characteristics as shows in the following tabular array.
Author / Source
Identified Functionalities
What features in portal?
Butters, 2003
‘http: //
-User profiling
-Resource find
-Community Communication
-Miscellaneous services.
Leadership development plan 2001/2002: Student portal undertaking.
Clark, Feldman,
Flamm, Ford, etc.,2005.
-Single mark on
-Role-Based Authentication
-Learning Management System
-Search engine
-Student Information System.
Portals: A Personal Door to the Information Enterprise
-Single mark on
-Role-Based Authentication
-Search engine
-Student Information System.
-News and proclamation
2.4.2 Types of Open Source For Portal Development.
In this subdivision, researcher place several unfastened beginning application model to be
choose for the planing the ICE-Port prototype.There are several application model
identified, as described below.
1. Jetspeed.
Harmonizing to ( n.d ) , Jetspeed, written in Java linguistic communication
is a Apache Sofware Foundation merchandise, an unfastened beginning for the development a
portal. Released under the Apache License, all entree to the portal is controlled
through a portal security policy Provided tools for developers and user interface
interior decorators, the purpose of Jetspeed is to let the rapidly portal development. It
supports a assortment of entree medium such as web browsers and nomadic devices
and has been widely implemented.
Using an unfastened standards-based engineerings such as Java and XML, uPortal
provided an easy individual mark on campus application and stop user customization.A
particular factor of uPortal is it is focal points on the development of universities portal.
However, it still provided the common characteristics of portal.
3.LifeRay Portal
A free MIT licensing fees, LifeRay is designed for easiness of usage and provided
functionalities such as web logs, wikis and message boards.It allows the terminal users to
custom-make their pages utilizing predefined portlets or appliance.
Table 2.4.1: Comparison between unfastened beginning to be selected and used for prototyping.
2.2 Community Engagement
2.2.1 Definition.
In the Principles of Community Engagement Second Edition, the writers
described community battle as:
“ … the procedure of working collaboratively with and through groups of people affiliated by
geographic propinquity, particular involvement, or similar state of affairss to turn to issues impacting
the wellbeing of those people ” .
Communities Scotland ( 2007 ) explained community battle is the procedure of
affecting people in determinations that affect them, by affecting communities in the planning,
development and direction of services. ( n.d ) stated, with the community battle, it can assist:
To present the online communicating for campus, groups or nines.
Be more efficient in presenting intelligence and proclamation based on the user ‘s function.
Support multiple unit with different demands.
2.2.2 Community engagement theoretical account.
Harmonizing to Hashagen in 2002, there are 6 theoretical accounts for community battle
as described below:
1. Consultation/public engagement theoretical accounts.
This theoretical account is frequently use by public governments in acquiring the sentiment from the society and community.It includes studies, forums and treatment and sentiment polls.
2. Asset-based/social economic system theoretical accounts.
These focal point on recognizing the value of the physical assets and human
resources of a community, and seek to maximize the community control over,
and benefit from these assets.
3. Community democracy theoretical accounts.
These set out to widen local democracy into the community by, in consequence,
set uping an informal community grade of authorities.
4.Identify based theoretical accounts.
Typically it is come from the minority groups.
5. Learning-led and popular instruction theoretical accounts.
It focused on edifice and back uping the accomplishments and involvements among
community members.It will inform the members about preparation, employment and
accomplishments development chances.
6.Service development theoretical accounts.
This theoretical account purpose to assist in place the community jobs and happen a manner to
work out the job. For illustration this theoretical account was applied by young person nine, athleticss
nine and many other nines by act as a voluntary.
The Joseph Rowntree Foundation as cited by… … listed community battle theoretical accounts in 5 ways:
1.Providing Information.
Supply information about activities to the community.
Community allowed to give any feedback or sentiments sing any issues.
3.Deciding together.
Involved community in determination devising.
4.Acting together.
Making and moving together in determination devising.
5.Supporting independent community involvement.
Gives support to commission to develop their docket.
Author / Source
Identified Models
Models of Community Engagement
Hashagen, 2003
‘https: // ‘
-Consultation/public engagement theoretical accounts.
-Asset-Based/social economic system theoretical accounts.
-Community democracy theoretical accounts.
-Identify based theoretical accounts.
-Learning-led and popular instruction theoretical accounts.
-Service development theoretical accounts.
Good pattern in community battle from an equalitive position.
Equality and Human Rights Commission,2009.
‘http: // ‘
-Providing information.
-Deciding together.
-Acting together.
-Supporting independent community involvement.
Table 2.2.2 The theoretical accounts of community battle.
From the reappraisal of community battle theoretical account, researcher choose to use the theoretical accounts as described by Equality and Human Right Commission in 2009, which are the combination of supplying information theoretical account, audience, moving together and back uping independent community involvement model.Researcher found all these theoretical accounts more relevant to be applied because ICE-Port will supply the information about the ISEC and plans will be conducted, let community to give an sentiment about any related issues, and it will give support to community to develop their docket.
2.3 Entrepreneurship
2.3.1 Definition
Harmonizing Martin and Osberg ( 2007 ) , entrepreneurship can be defined as the
designation, ability and chance to make a new concern or endeavor with the
purpose to convey something new to the universe.
Entrepreneurship can be referred as the procedure of making something new which
has to hold value to the stakeholders, or people for which it is developed, have return
values to an enterpriser and presuming hazards such as fiscal, phsycological and societal
countries ( Hisrich, Robert, Peters & A ; Shepherd, 2005 ) . defined entrepreneurship as the ability and preparedness to
take any hazards in order to do a net income through the development and organisation of
concern venture.
2.3.2 Types of entrepreneurship
Blank ( 2011 ) listed there are 4 types of entrepreneurship which can be described
as below:
Business Entrepreneurship.
Social Entrepreneurship
Is an entrepreneurship construct which focuses on the resolution of societal demands by producig merchandises and services.It can be for net income or non net income but it is non to make net income for the investors.
2.3.3 Entrepreneurship rules.
2.4 Social Entrepreneurship
2.4.1 Definition.
Hibbert, Hogg and Quinn in 2001 has defined societal entrepreneurship as the
using the entrepreneuship rules for societal mission impact instead than for net incomes
and that net incomes will be used to work out a societal demands to specific group.While Pomerantz
in 2003 defined societal entrepreneurship as either single societal enterprisers and
non-profit organisations action in the development of advanced, mission supporting and
making jobs.Lasprogata and Cotton ( 2003 ) agreed societal entrepreneurship as the non-
net incomes organisations approach which will give a greater impact on their societal mission by
using the entrepreneurial rules.
Social entrepreneurship as defined by Dees is the combination of societal rules
and concern rules and it is differentiated from the other types of entrepreneurship
by its mission related impact ( Barley, 2009 ) . Harmonizing to Seelos and Mair ( 2005 ) , societal
entrepreneurship refers to the attempt for compitently fulfill basic homo demands which
unable to fulfill by utilizing current system. It is besides the combination between the
traditional entrepreneurship with some added value to alter society.
Nicholls ( 2006 ) agreed societal entrepreneurship as the utilizing the existing resources
to convey societal impacts through the advanced activities and making new
opportunities.Mair ( 2008 ) besides defined societal entrepreneurship as the procedure to fulfill
basic demands which unable to fulfill by the organisations involved with the aim to
do betterment in societal and economic structure.In other words, societal
entrepreneurship can be defined as the designation of new solution and chances to
address the job of unequal distribution of societal which consequences from conventional
systems ( “ Defining Social Entrepreneurship ” , n.d ) .
Another definition by Zadek and Thake ( 1997, as cited in Noruzi, Westover & A ;
Rahimi, 2010 ) societal entrepreneurship is the invention with the mission to
make societal impact instead than personal or profit impact. As cited in SME ‘s
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2010, Cochran ( 2007 ) defined societal
entrepreneurship as the resolution of societal jobs by using the entrepreneurship
principles.Zhara, Gedajlovic, Neubaum, Shulman ( 2008 ) as cited by SME ‘s,
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2010 suggested societal entrepreneurship as the
mission to convey societal wealth through its activities and making new chances and
ventures in an advanced manner.
2.4.2 Differences between societal entrepreneurship and concern entrepreneurship
There are many treatment about the differences between concern and societal entrepreneurship. Boschee and McClurg ( 2003 ) distinguish the concern and societal entrepreneurship as stated below:
Social Responsibility
Business entrepreneurship by and large do no set a direct attempt on work outing the societal jobs. This signifier of entrepreneurship dramas their societal functions through charity plan such as contribution and hold a good relationship with their employees.
Whereas societal entrepreneurship attempt are straight attached to societal jobs. For illustration the societal enterprisers will engage handicapped, populating in poorness and former captives who are hard to acquire a occupation.
Performance Measurement
Business entrepreneurship measured their public presentation by fiscal consequences. The success or failure of undertaking is determined by the economic value to the proprietors or investors.
Social entrepreneurship public presentation are measured by both societal and fiscal returns The net income are re-invested to accomplish the societal mission.
Mair and Marti in 2006 described the differences between concern and societal entrepreneurship as below:
Business entrepreneurship precedence given to economic value.
Whereas societal entrepreneurship precedence given to societal value. This does non intend the net incomes do non necessary in societal entrepreneurship, it is besides of import to guarantee the attempt sustainability and autonomy.
Uhlig ( n.d ) with the same sentiment besides stated:
Percept of Value.
For concern entrepreneurship, the enterpriser and investors will concentrate for the return on investing as the chief value.
While societal entrepreneurship lies in the societal impact and benefits which can work out the societal jobs and demands. The value for net income besides of import to re-invested for the following societal entrepreneurship activities.
Wealth Creation Approach.
“ The concern entrepreneurship is driven to introduce within a commercial market, to the ultimate benefit of consumers. If successful, the invention creates wealth. The venture ‘s success is gauged by how much wealth it creates ” .
“ To the societal entrepreneurship, wealth creative activity is necessary, but non for its ain interest. Rather, wealth is merely a tool the enterpriser uses to consequence societal alteration. The grade to which heads are changed, enduring is alleviated or unfairness is reversed represents the organisation ‘s success. ”
2.4.3 Differences between societal entrepreneurship and charity ( traditional non-profit )
Social entrepreneurship besides differed from charity. Meldrum in 2011 described the differences as below:
Role of Social Value Creation.
The charity exist to redistribute income aggregation to those needed.
While societal entrepreneurship making the new thoughts in order to better and give benefits to society.
Social Structure.
Charity works within bing constructions in society.
However, societal entrepreneurship will place the societal jobs and creates chances to work out the job.
Charity to ease of load while societal entrepreneurship intent is to better the societal status.
In footings of fiscal, charity chiefly financed through contribution while societal entrepreneurship financed through the conducted activities.
While Boschee and McClurg in 2003 differentiate societal entrepreneurship and traditional non net income as belows:
Sustainability and Autonomy.
Charity has been driven by a dependence theoretical account, trusting chiefly on voluntarism and governement or upper direction support in footings of income.The writers besides believed every bit long as the charity organisation depends on the 3rd party, they will ne’er go sustainable and self sufficient.
For societal entrepreneurship, the aid from the authorities and voluntary are welcome, but they do non chiefly depends on it.
Based on the definition and comparing between societal entrepreneurship construct and the other constructs, in general, societal entrepreneurship can be clearly described as below:
Social Mission
Business Principles
Hibbert, Hogg & A ; Quinn ( 2001 )
Pomerantz ( 2003 )
Lasprogata & A ; Cotton ( 2003 )
Dees as cited by Barley ( 2009 )
Seelos & A ; Mair ( 2005 )
Nicholls ( 2006 )
Mair ( 2008 )
Specifying Social Entrepreneurship ( n.d ) .
Zadek and Thake ( 1997 ) cited by Noruzi, Westover & A ;
Rahimi, 2010
Cochran ( 2007 ) as cited by SME ‘s
Entrepreneurship and Innovation ( 2010 )
Zhara, Gedajlovic, Neubaum, Shulman ( 2008 ) , as cited by SME ‘s
Entrepreneurship and Innovation ( 2010 )
Austin, Stevenson, Wei-Killer ( 2006 )
Meldrum ( 2011 )
Uhlig ( n.d )
Boschee & A ; McClur ( 2003 )
Table 2.4 The component of societal entrepreneurship
From the literature reappraisal, research worker has identified the societal entrepreneurship construct related to be applied for the design of ICE-Port. In general, all the literature stated shared the same thoughts about the societal entrepreneurship that are its nonsubjective is to decide the societal job, and the plans are societal enterprisers invention and it is applied concern entrepreneurship rules. Social entrepreneurship besides is for non-profit organisation which deriving and re-investing net income for the following entrepreneurial programs.From the literature, researcher agreed on Hibbert, Hogg and Quinn review.They has defined societal entrepreneurship as the using the entrepreneuship rules for societal mission impact instead than for net incomes and that net incomes will be used to work out a societal demands to specific group.This sentiment more relevant for this undertaking because it is non merely concentrate on the societal mission but besides using entrepreneurship rules as stated in the literature early.Since ISEC is a non-profit association, the net income addition from the plans conducted will be reinvested for the following ISEC programs.This undertaking besides will non merely focuses on ISEC community societal demands, but it will looking to the broad country of societal jobs which can non be satisfy by the conventional approach.From the research worker position, it is non needfully to introduce new plans, but it can besides accommodate the being societal mission plans, harmonizing to UiTM pupils environment.
2.4.4 Features in Social Entrepreneurship Websites.
Dees ( 2001 ) stated the term of societal entrepreneurship may be something new but the phenomenon is non. There are many societal enterprisers before even cipher name them with that term.For a long clip, entrepreneurship does benefits society by bring forthing new, utile and valuable merchandises and provides more occupation chances. ( Austin, Stevenson & A ; Skillern, 2006 ) . Martin & A ; Osberg ( 2001 ) besides stated the rebranding by utilizing the societal entrepreneurship term is quickly pulling attending from many sectors.
In 2006, the Nobel Prize Award to Mohammad Yunus, the laminitis for the Gramen Bank which has helped 1000s of people, largely adult females, out of poorness, thrust societal entrepreneurship into the planetary attending ( Noruzi, Westover & A ; Rahimi, 2010 ) . He believed that the hapless people have under-utilized accomplishments because of the conservative systems and constructions fail to supply the necessary resources to them. From this issue, he founded the Gramen Bank in 1976 to supply loans to the hapless people in his hometown, Bangladesh ( Seelos & A ; Mair,2005 ) .Other than Yunus, there are many societal enterprisers and they are utilizing internet platform in advancing their societal mission.Researcher have done some reappraisal on the societal entrepreneurship websites to place the characteristics of societal entrepreneurship web sites.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT )
In support their pupils societal involvements and demands, MIT provide a broad scope of support for societal activities.It aid pupils to acquire involved in the societal issues and function communities itself.The characteristics provided in hypertext transfer protocol: // are:
What We Do-Describes the activities among their communities involved such as volunteering plan, family and internship, grants and service acquisition.
Opportunities-Includes the public service undertakings outside the campus such as:
Service Fair -It ‘s a great chance to happen out about community service that matches your involvements.
Civic Engagement-Interaction among communities and authorities including take part in political mass meeting and vote enrollment.
Yunus Challenge-New waste development such as medical equipment waste and waste direction.
Davis Project For Peace-For MIT undergraduate pupils, this plan provide $ 10 000 family for undertaking that promotes peace, to be implemented during a summer.
Support the PSC with donation-Special plans for MIT alumnas association who want to maintain back uping the plan by give a contribution.
Buzzbnk is an online crowd support platform that advancing societal ventures to all walks of life and gaining fund for the demands of the community to do the thoughts become world. The community can pass their money and clip, and besides convey the societal message among their friends.Buzzbnk charges 5 percent fee on fund raised for each venture.According to https: // , the characteristics were included are:
Explore Projects contains the lists of undertaking have done and approaching projects.Examples of undertakings are Provide Sustainable Homes for Women, Pants to Poverty and Our No Spray Potato Can Feed the World.
Searching which specified on the societal entrepreneurship elements such as hunt for highest support undertaking, highest support sum, most popular undertaking and merely started project.Users besides can seek based on the classs such as animate beings, art, instruction and environment.
Make a Loan-The inside informations on how to be the fundraiser.
Submit Project- Allow their community to convey the thought to do support become world.
Was founded in 2005, Kiva is a non-profit organisation with a mission to prosecute
people through their activities in cut downing the poorness rate.Kiva lets persons impart
from $ 25 to assist people in need.Social entrepreneurship characteristics included in Kiva
web site, hypertext transfer protocol: // are:
How Kiva works-Describe the procedures to affect in Kiva activities.
Kiva Social Performance-Identify single societal public presentation strength such as Anti-Poverty, Vulnerable Group and Family and Community Empowerment.
Community-contains list of members which have lend their money harmonizing to the specific societal group such as alumnas, concern, spiritual, young person and athleticss.
Get down some good
Harmonizing to Ueland ( 2011 ) , Start Some Good is a site for societal enterprisers to
gather a community and raise the financess needed to make alteration. Its end is to be the
best platform for societal enterprisers to establish and turn the advanced ventures
needed to better communities and the universe. Anyone including for- net income and
non-profit-making organisation can affect in fund-raising runs. It charges 5 per centum of
the sum raised.Features included in hypertext transfer protocol: // are:
Support good-Promoting and back uping the societal activities organized by the other party.
Discover good-Contains lists of discover ventures such as Do Good Bus, Real Good Food and LearnToLive.
Start good-The community can get down and propose their thoughts on societal ventures and the Start some good committe will supply the resources to get down the activities.This is to enable their community to make the hereafter they want for their communities.
Community-Start some good community enrollment and battle.
From a research based on the literature reappraisal, a functionalities that serves in societal entrepreneurship web sites should hold characteristics as shows in the following tabular array.
Massachusetts institute of technology
Get down some good
How it works?
Allow community to get down any new undertaking
Lists of undertakings
Searching based on societal service involvements
Alumni societal services plans.
Table 2.4.4 Social Entrepreneurship websites characteristics.
The reappraisal on the common characteristics of societal entrepreneurship web sites besides help researcher to understand its concept.From the literature reappraisal of the common websites characteristics of societal entrepreneurship construct, research worker can reason the of import characteristics to be included are how does the portal work for the societal enterprisers to affect and show their thoughts towards the activities to be conducted, the different societal entrepreneurship undertakings classs such as about environment, humanity, animate beings and education.Other than that, the portal users should able to happen the societal plans harmonizing to their involvements and the ISEC alumnas should acquire involved in the plans by carry oning the particular societal mission plans for them.
2.4 Summary.
In this subdivision, the treatment of related literature reappraisal has been made to back up this undertaking. From the analysis of the Table 2.4, research worker has agreed with Hibbert, Hogg and Quinn reappraisal. Basically all of the writers shared the same thought, but the thought from these writers more relevant to be applied in ICE-Port.From the Table 2.4.4, research worker has choose to unite the all 4 common characteristics from the societal entrepreneurship web sites, which are the description of the process to be involved in the plan conducted, it will let their community to get down any new undertaking, ICE-Port besides will included the list of the undertakings with the inside informations, provide hunt map based on societal enterprisers involvement and will let ISEC alumnas to acquire involved with the plans.
Chapter 3
This chapter describes about undertaking methodological analysis, stages, activities and its deliverables.
3.1 Methodology.
This undertaking uses the methodological analysis as described in Figure 3.1 as a guideline to accomplish the purpose of the undertaking. It consists of three stages. This methodological analysis is of import to guarantee the aims of this undertaking can be achieved. Figure 3.1 illustrates the overview of the undertaking attack and methodological analysis that will be used in planing the ICE-Port.
Problem Designation
-Discuss current job with ISEC commission.
-Collect the diary and articles and analyze on societal entrepreneurship construct.
-Review the literatures on the common characteristics of pupil portal.
-Review the literatures on the common characteristics of societal entrepreneurship web sites
-Description of job statement, purpose, acope, aims and the significance of undertaking.
-The construct of societal entrepreneurship identified.
-The common characteristics of pupil portal identified.
-The common characteristics of pupil portal identified.
1st objective-Project proposal.
Requirement and Analysis
-Analysis and choosing functionalities for ICE-Port.
-Analysis and choosing the functionalities of ICE-Port with the societal entrepreneurship construct.
– Requirement confirmation
Develop paradigm of ICE Port on selected SE functionalities.
Create confirmation cheque templet.
-Verify functionalities of a SE in ICE-Port through paradigm presentation with the user.
-Description of functionalities of ICE-Port as harmonizing to SE construct.
-SE functionalities for ICE-Port are identified.
-The paradigm for ICE-Port is demonstrated and verified.
-Checklist of confirmation on paradigm.
2nd nonsubjective
-Designing theoretical account
Identify suited application model
Customized the design of selected application model harmonizing to SE functionalities
-ICE-Port paradigm designed.
-Project presentation by using SE paradigm.
3rd nonsubjective
Figure 3.1 Project Methodology.
3.2 Methodology Description
3.2.1 Problem Identification Phase.
In this stage, a preliminary interview session is prepared to help the research worker to
behavior an interview.The purpose of carry oning the interview is to place the job of the
undertaking. For this undertaking, research worker has done informal treatment with ISEC commission.
Problem statement, the purpose, range, aims and significance of the undertaking has been
identified.To derive the apprehension on the societal entrepreneurship construct, research worker
has collect and analyse the diaries and articles on societal entrepreneurship.Researcher
besides has reappraisal on the common characteristics of portal and societal entrepreneurship web sites.
The deliverables of this stage are the description of job statement, undertaking purpose,
aims, range and significance of undertaking, societal entrepreneurship construct
designation, the common characteristics of pupil portal and societal entrepreneurship
web sites, undertaking agenda and the undertaking proposal.
3.2.2 Requirement and Analysis.
In this stage, the activities to be conducted are analysis the functionalities of ICE-
Port harmonizing to the societal entrepreneurship construct and the identified functionalities
will be selected for the design of ICE-Port. The demand confirmation will be conducted
through the paradigm presentation with the user. The deliverables of this stage are
the description of functionalities of ICE-Port as harmonizing to societal entrepreneurship
construct, the checklist on the confirmation of paradigm and SRS will besides be produced.
3.2.3 Design.
In the design stage, research worker will happen and place the suited application
model for the development of portal and theoretical account will be designed. The selected
application model will be customized harmonizing to societal entrepreneurship
functionalities. The deliverables of this stage are SDD, and planing the concluding paradigm
for ICE-Port.
3.3 Summary.
This chapter discussed on the methodological analysis to be used for the project.Project methodological analysis is of import for the research worker as a guideline and guarantee the research worker to non divert from the undertaking scope.Currently, this undertaking has done the first stage that is job designation.
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Undertaking Plan
This subdivision will depict the undertaking program and work breakdown construction for this undertaking.
5.1 Project Timeline
The planned agenda of this undertaking as described in Table 5.1 below.
Duration ( Days )
Semester 5 – Undertaking Formulation
10 Sep 2012
27 Dis 2012
Problem Designation
10 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012
Identify Research Area
Identify Supervisor
Individual Assessment
21 Sep 2012
27 Dis 2012
Undertaking Topic
21 Sep 2012
23 Sep 2012
Preliminary Probe
24 Sep 2012
8 Oct 2012
Research Background
15 Oct 2012
19 Oct 2012
Undertaking Aim, Scope, Objective and Problem Statement Submission
4 Nov 2012
6 Nov 2012
Literature Review Submission
3 Nov 2012
4 Nov 2012
Develop Research Methodology
5 Nov 2012
13 Nov 2012
Mock Up Presentation
17 Nov 2012
18 Nov 2012
Proposal Presentation
A 26 Nov 2012
A 13 Dis 2012
Proposal Submission
10 Dis 2012
27 Dis 2012
Duration ( Weeks )
Start ( Month )
Semester 6 – Undertaking Formulation
Requirement Analysis
Analysis and choosing the functionalities of ICE-Port with the societal entrepreneurship construct.
Feb 2013
Fixing SRS and paradigm
Requirement Verification and Validation
Find suited application architecture model.
Identify design of selected application model
April 2013
SDD and Prototype
Customized the design of selected model harmonizing to SE functionalities
May 2013
Table 5.1
The undertaking timeline is of import to gauge the continuance of your undertaking, and place order in which activities should be performed.Currently this undertaking has done with Semester 5 undertaking preparation timeline.The following phases will be started on February 2003.The undertaking appraisal by utilizing Gantt Chart is attached in the Appendix subdivision.
Chapter 6
This chapter discusses the description of the expected consequence of proposed undertaking and the decision.
6.1 Anticipated Consequence
The awaited consequence from this undertaking is to plan an ICE-Port based on the analysis of the identified societal entrepreneurship concept.The design will be represented in a paradigm and SDD.This undertaking is expected to be completed in two semesters ( refer to the undertaking agenda in Appendix ) .
6.2 Decision
The execution of this undertaking tends to turn to the less of the engagement in the entrepreneurship activities jobs among UiTM pupils. Since ISEC commission confronting a job on advancing their activities to the community, ISEC was chosen to reflect for this project.Social entrepreneurship construct was chosen because it is more suited in the pupils environment.With the awaited consequence explained above, it is expectantly that this undertaking will give benefits for the ISEC community and the proclamation or publicity for the entrepreneurship activities can be more effectual and attractive.
Academic survey program which entrepreneurship class has been highlighted as one of the compulsory topic in some faculities.

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