Assessment 2 – Research & questioning
This is an individual assessment.
You must successfully answer all the questions provided in this assessment.
Trainer will set the duration of the assessment.
Your questions:
1. Followings are some input and output for solution assessment and validation tasks. Write down whether they are input or output and also specify the task name
a. Requirements (Prioritised and Approved, Solution (Designed), Solution Scope
c. Requirements (Allocated)
d. Business Requirements, Identified Defects, Solution (Deployed), Solution Performance Metrics
e. Identified Defects, Mitigating Actions, Solution Validation Assessment
2. Multiple Choice Questions (Choose the correct answer only)
2.1. Organizational Readiness Assessment
a. Define Transition Requirements Outputs
b. Assess Proposed Solution Outputs
c. Assess Organizational Readiness Inputs
d. Assess Organizational Readiness Outputs
2.2. Solution Performance Assessment
a. Evaluation Solution Performance Inputs
b. Validate Solution Outputs
c. Evaluation Solution Performance Outputs
d. Validate Solution Inputs
2.3. Requirements (Prioritized and Validated), Solution (Constructed)
a. Validate Solution Outputs
b. Validate Solution Inputs
c. Assess Proposed Solution Inputs
f. Allocate Requirements Inputs
2.4. Enterprise Architecture, Solution (Designed), Solution Scope, Stakeholder Concerns
a. Assess Proposed Solution Inputs
b. Define Transition Requirements Inputs
c. Assess Organizational Readiness Outputs
d. Assess Organizational Readiness Inputs
3. True/False Questions
a. Define Transition Requirements Outputs ? Organizational Readiness Assessment,
Requirements (Stated), Solution (Deployed), Solution (Designed) True or False
b. Assess Proposed Solution Inputs ? Assumption & Constraints, Requirements (Prioritized and
Approved) Solution Options True or False
c. Define Transition Requirements Inputs ? Transition Requirements True or False
d. Assess Proposed Solution Outputs ? Assumption & Constraints, Requirements (Prioritized and Approved) Solution Options True or False
4. What are the 3 types of requirements traceability?
5. What are the documents available for formally documenting your requirements?
6. Manage solution scope and requirements yields what output?
7. Maintain requirements for reuse yields what output?
8. Communicate requirements yields what output?
9. All stakeholder and solution requirement must be traceable to a business requirement. True or false
10. Which document determines how the business analyst shares requirements information with stakeholders?
11. What technique is recommended for tracing requirements when there are relatively few requirements?
12. You are a business analyst tasked with ensuring that stakeholders with approval authority agree on the requirements a solution should have. You are most likely performing tasks from which knowledge area?
13. _________is an organised peer-level review or team review of project deliverables, such as requirements in which participants look out for errors or omissions
14. What is a specific output of the business analysis process that the BA has agreed to produce?
15. What provides the BA with a view of the reviewed and agreed upon requirements at any point in time?
16. What is the basis of requirements management during a project which ensures that proposed requirements support business goals and objectives?
17. Examples of work products are meeting notes, facilitation session agenda, issue logs, work plans, status reports, traceability matrices, etc. True or false?
18. For an online mortgage application, the online application is not wanted without adequate login functionality. Which requirement relationship is this?
19. Which roles are involved in approving requirements?
20. Jen is experiencing a lot of ambiguity with some of the requirements that she has received from her stakeholders. What is a good technique that can be used to resolve these ambiguities?
21. What elements are involved in the Manage solution scope and requirements task?
22. How the problem tracking technique might be employed in the completion of the Manage Solution Scope and Requirements Task?
23. What role does the sponsor play in the Manage Solution Scope and Requirements task?
24. List the downstream tasks from the manage solution scope and requirement task.
25. Give an example of typical ongoing requirements.
26. In what context might a Vision Statement be used?
27. When preparing the requirements package, how will the BA know the stakeholder’s communication needs?
28. What are the inputs into Prepare Requirement Package?
29. What is the tester’s primary concern when reviewing the requirements package?
30. When communicating requirements, where can the BA find information on when the communication should be received and in what form?

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