Assessment 3 – International Marketing Plan 3000 words

Subject name International Marketing
Assessment title Assessment 3 – International Marketing Plan
Group or individual assessment Group Project
Length 3000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning outcomes addressed
b, c, d, e
Submission date Week 11
Total marks 100 Marks
Weighting 30%
Assessment Brief:
1. This assignment must be prepared and submitted as a group, the work you submit must be original.
2. You should include a reference list for any textbooks, websites or other references you use to support your recommendations.
3. The purpose of this assignment is for students to demonstrate a clear understanding of the principles of applying marketing strategy in an international context.
4. The assessment requires students to develop an international marketing plan for a product from an Australian based company to the Asia-Pacific region.
5. The group must choose a company that exists and an existing product that is not currently sold in the country chosen.
6. Products may be, for example, FMCG, food & beverages including alcoholic beverages, technical, medical or clothing.
7. The group must choose a country to market to in the Asia-Pacific region
8. Secondary research and analysis of the market is required to substantiate the recommendations.
9. The marketing plan must address the entry strategy and identification of the target market, set marketing and communications objectives and recommend a strategy across the elements of the marketing mix.
10. A professional level of presentation is expected together with adherence to the word limit.
Marking Criteria:
Marking Criteria
Marks possible
Background research & selection of suitable organisation and product and appropriate market country 0 – 10 points
Secondary market research & analysis 0 – 20 points
Entry strategy including marketing objectives, target market strategy 0 – 30 points
Marketing strategy across marketing mix including product, price, distribution & promotion 0 – 30 points
Document presentation including length & referencing 0 – 10 points
Total marks /100 points
NOTE: Plagiarism will result in a zero mark. All sources must be acknowledged in the body of the report. All students in a group will receive the same mark

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