A. Action Learning Review (40%) (Individual)Due Date: Length:Weighting:Reference Style:Document type: 18 April, 20212000 words with 10% +/-40%Harvard Referencing StyleMS Word Document, pdf
ASSESSMENTATask DescriptionThe aim of this individual assessment is to review your actions and apply the course concepts into your day to day management practice and improve individual behaviour. As part of this assignment, students must complete the personality assessment called the IPIP here: http://www.personal.psu.edu/~j5j/IPIP/You should personally complete the shortened version of the questionnaire consisting of 120 questions. This website provides an automated personality report. Make sure that you save your report as a pdf document as it will be required as part of your submission.You are asked to review your scores and then address the following:1. Analyse a specific incident in your life which you can link with your personality(traits).2. Logically derive from the analysis of the IPIP report as of which personality traits (actions) you need to improve in order to handle the situation more effectively if next time you encounter a similar situation.Structure of the Action Learning ReviewThe Review should include cover:a) Details of the Specific Incident: Please provide only the relevant details of the incident which you have encountered and which you could have handled more effectively. (approx. 200 words).b) Critical analysis of the incident: Critically analyse the incident based on personality traits and other management concepts, including theory, which you have learned. Describe the obstacles that have occurred and why at that time you were not able to handle this issue effectively. Use the evidence-based approach to address the negatives or disadvantages of this personality trait. (approx. 800 words).c) Future Improvement: Logically draw from the analysis, which personality traits you will improve on and various specific actions or initiatives you will take if next time you encounter similar situation. Discus the obstacles which you might face this time as well in handling this kind of situation. Use an evidence-based approach to prove the positives of such action (eg evidence for improvement in personality traits) and support by linking to theory. (approx. 1,000 words).d) Note the title page, reference list and any appendices are NOT included in the word count. To complete this Action Learning Review assessment appropriately, there is a requirement to include a minimum of 12 academic references.

General guidelines1. Do not write everything about the incident. You should focus on the specific main incident and only provide relevant details.2. You should focus on personality traits relevant to the incident and other management concepts you have learned. Focus on what you will do and not what you wish to do.3. This assessment focuses on your actions and not feelings about work or study.4. Focus on the concept but avoid introducing and discussing multiple concepts in one sentence.5. The future improvement section can use SMART goals. Please do not copy and paste goals. You have to apply the goals that are specific to the incident.6. Utilise a minimum of 12 relevant journal articles and other academic references in the critical analysis.7. It is essential that you use your own IPIP report for the purposes of preparing your reflective review and critical analysis. Turnitin is very effective in identifying reports that are cut and pasted from past personality reports or other people’s essays. Plagiarism will result in an automatic fail of the assessment and lead to disciplinary proceedings potentially resulting in expulsion from the University.8. Your assignment must be submitted through Turnitin and the FLO site.9. Your analysis must be consistently and comprehensively referenced using the Harvard system. You will find notes about the Harvard referencing system on the FLO site.10. Make sure that you submit your action learning critical analysis that flows well and that is linked to theory. Leave enough time for rewriting, editing and formatting.11. Take care when using material from sources such as textbooks, reports, business magazines and journals. Make sure to use your own words and paraphrase to avoid directly copying or quoting from published materials. Make sure to reference all sources you use.12. Use Harvard style referencing which means you need to reference in the text (‘intext referencing’) and also include a reference list. If you are unsure about referencing conventions, please contact the Library or the Student Learning Centre for assistance.13. Engage in academic language conventions in order to communicate clearly. Being able to communicate well is vital for participating effectively in the workplace. The reader expects a well-written action learning review.14. Pay attention to presentation. This means the assessment is to be: o Grammatically correct and free of typoso Use page numberingo Use standard font and font size (e.g., 12 New Times Roman font or equivalent)o Avoid colour or coloured fonto Use 1.5 line spacing with 2.54 cm margins and Justified text (distribute evenly towards the margins)

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