Assessment: Marketing ReportAssessment: Marketing Report

Assessment 3
Assessment Type: Marketing Report (Group).
Purpose: This assessment is designed to apply the knowledge and skills developed by the students to evaluate the external and internal environment of a company and identify new offering based on the result of the environmental scanning. This assessment contributes specifically to Learning Outcomes a, b, c, d and e.
Value: Report 25% Due Date: Week 11, Sunday by 11:59 pm
Submission: Report – 1 member per group is to upload the report to Moodle and Turnitin – electronic copy of a Word .doc or .docx
Topic: Company SWOT Analysis and Product Development. Each group has to nominate a company (the client) for this plan. Tutors must approve the company before students can proceed to the next stage.
Task Details:
Students must conduct a SWOT analysis, identifying the internal strength and weaknesses as well as identifying external opportunities and threats of the company (SWOT Analysis). Based on this SWOT analysis, students must suggest a new product/service recommendation for the client, as well as identify the relevant target market(s) and develop the marketing strategies.
Groups need to base their marketing report on appropriate theory and other relevant current market information where possible. Groups should support their report with the text and a minimum of ten (10) other academically relevant and acceptable sources. These may include academic journal articles, research reports and industry analyses, but groups need to be aware of the validity of sources e.g. an unsupported newspaper article may not be considered valid.
Suggested Structure:
Executive Summary, half a page summary contains the key findings of the report.
Section 1: Introduction and background to the company
a. Introduction to the task, definition, purpose and value of a SWOT analysis for organizations.
b. Introduction to the company being analysed – including e.g. relevant history, current market and product lines
Section 2: Analysis of the marketing environments (external and internal environment) and present the summary in SWOT table
Section 3: Recommendation
a. Target Market: identify and describe the company target markets based on the four segmentation bases
b. New product/new services description: based on the result of SWOT analysis, recommend new product or new services design for the identified target market (point
a) and explain the customer value provided by this new product/new services.
c. Briefly devise the strategies of the relevant marketing mix variables (the 4Ps for new product OR the 7Ps for new services)
Section 4: Conclusion Submission Details o Individual Assessment
o Word limit: 2500 words (±10%) (excluding reference list) o You need to state the word count of the assessment on the cover page.
o The review should be professionally presented using Arial 10pt or Times New Roman 12pt, single space. Harvard (Anglia) style referencing. proper headings and sub-headings, in o Submission deadline Week 11 – Sunday, by 11.59pm

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