Assessment Type: Assignment – 2000 + 10% words essay response and one analytical response

‘- individual assessment.
Purpose: This assessment will allow students to have experience in analysing financial implications for a given business scenario, and communicating the analysis and conclusions in report format as would be expected in a modern organisation.
Topic: Financial analysis and Recommendations
Task Details: Students are to analyse the given financial data using relevant financial analysis techniques, and create relevant, supported conclusions and make justified recommendations to given issues and problems. Responses are to be formatted into a professional report, as would be expected of someone working in a modern accountant’s or financial advisor’s office.
Assignment Report:
The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is the most significant worldwide economic catastrophe since the Great Depression of 1929, sub-prime mortgage crisis is an example of financial crisis that affected global financial market worldwide. Give some other examples of financial crisis in your discussion below.
Discuss the possible causes of the financial crisis. Do you think GFC could be repeated again? Discuss.
Explain the scale and impact of financial crisis in economies of different countries including your own country (Thailand) , identify some of proposed reforms.
Research Students need to support their analysis with reference from the text and a Requirements: minimum of six (6) suitable, reliable, current and academically acceptable sources – check with your tutor if unsure of the validity of sources.
FIN 200 Corporate Financial Management Marking Guide
Total Mark /30
Introduction 2 mark
List of references 2 marks
In-text referencing, research and use of appropriate evidence in your findings 6 marks
Consistency, adequate information and analysing the concept with examples 8 marks
Analysing and identifying some of the reforms in your findings 8 marks
Using diagram and tables in your finding 2 marks

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