Organization Structure Presentation

8 slides, include speaker’s notes, at least 5 journal articles as references, 2017-2022, APA. Ensure the journal articles have all the sections, i.e Author or authors, Year of publication of the article (in round brackets), Article title, Journal title (in italics), Volume of journal (in italics), Issue number of journal in round brackets (no italics), Page range of article and DOI or URL. The speaker’s notes should flow like a speech because the client is to narrate them word for word. Make the ppt visually appealing. The cover slide and reference slide do not count in the 8 slides.

Assignment 4.1: Organization Structure Presentation
| Due: Sun Nov 13, 2022 11:59pmDue: Sun Nov 13, 2022 11:59pm
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Points: 100
Due: Day 7
Create a brief presentation no longer than 15 minutes about the organization where you practice. See for example, Session 2: Structure of an Organization
Links to an external site. (this example is written, not video). (Follow the link to see the example).
In your presentation, address the following items.
• What is the rationale for your organizational chart?
• Identify and explain the pros and cons of the organizational structure.
• Elaborate on what elements of the organization you would change and explain why.
• Would you restructure the organization? Why?
• How does this organization’s structure affect your quality improvement project plan?
Please see Kaltura for Presentations for instructions on how to record and embed a video.
What to Submit
Your presentation video, slides, and script
If you copy and paste references from the course into your assignment, be sure to confirm APA formatting before submitting.
Similarity Score
• After submitting your assignment, select Submission Details to view your similarity score.
• Your similarity score will appear as a percentage next to your submitted file.
• It may take up to 24 hours for your similarity score to appear.
Presentation Rubric

Presentation Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
view longer description 10 pts
Introduces topic, establishes rapport, and explains the purpose of the presentation in a creative, clear way.
9.25 pts
Introduces presentation in a clear way.
8.5 pts
Needs Improvement
Introduces topic of presentation; however, did not explain purpose of presentation.
0 pts
Does not clearly introduce topic and/or purpose of presentation. / 10 pts
Content Selection
view longer description 20 pts
All information is relevant and appropriate to the requirements of the assignment.
18.25 pts
Most information is relevant; some topics need expansion or shortening.
17 pts
8 slides, including speaker’s notes, with at least 5 journal articles cited, APA, 2017-2022. Ensure that the journal articles include all of the sections, such as Author or authors, The year the article was published (in round brackets), the article title, the journal title (in italics), the volume of the journal (in italics), the issue number of the journal (no italics), the page range of the article, and the DOI or URL. Because the client will narrate the notes word for word, the speaker’s notes should flow like a speech. Make the presentation visually appealing. The cover and reference slides are not included in the eight slides.

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