Assignment: I need help writing a research paper., ou are to research the Aloha Airlines (AA) Flight 243 incident, and write a report that will form the Individual Assignment

The aim of this case study is to investigate an infamous incident, Aloha Airlines Flight 243, in which a Boeing 737 aircraft suffered an explosive decompression in flight, leading to extensive damage of the fuselage. The aircraft was not lost, which provided a sound basis for an investigation into the incident. The case is particularly relevant to this course as maintenance practices were found to be the central issue leading to the incident.
You will need to summarise the key issues in the assessment, in your own words, and critically comment on the theoretical aspects. This is an individual assessment task, that is, to be completed by each student individually.
Consult with your course coordinator if you have any questions related to the assessment.
You are to research the Aloha Airlines (AA) Flight 243 incident, and write a report that will form the Individual Assignment. The specific tasks for this assessment are to:
1. Provide a brief introduction and summary of the incident.
2. Discuss the human factors issues related to the conduct of maintenance and general staff attitudes at AA prior to the incident. Include actions that could have been taken to reduce the likelihood of the maintenance errors contributing to the incident.
3. Discuss AA compliance with Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives relevant to the incident (as included in the official incident report). Include your assessment of SB 737-53A1039 in light of both the operating environment and the AA flight schedule.
4. In terms of the AA maintenance program, what were the major shortcomings that contributed to the incident? Include a discussion on the relevant ageing aircraft issues such as suitability of the maintenance program at addressing the highly corrosive operating environment and the high cycle to flight hour ratio. Compare to contemporary requirements and practices.
5. Provide a conclusion that summarises your findings from questions (2-4).
6. Provide a reference list that complies with the Harvard style of referencing.
A copy of the Aloha Airlines Aircraft Incident Report is available here . You are strongly encouraged to seek additional sources for your discussion.
The assessment criteria are specified in the Assessment Rubric . Ensure that you address each area specified in the instructions.
Your case study MUST be based on the following structure:
1. Title page
2. Introduction & Summary
3. Human Factors at AA
4. AA Compliance with Regulatory and Manufacture Recommendations
5. AA Maintenance Program
6. Conclusions
7. References
8. Appendices (if applicable)
The accepted format is Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf with numbered, single-spaced A4 pages, using Times New Roman or Arial font. Full referencing using the Harvard style must be included in line with the University’s academic integrity policy
In the header or footer of all but the title page should include your name, the course code, page number, and the assessment element (i.e Individual Assignment).
A high standard of presentation is expected and very poorly presented work may be refused.
Assignment submissions are only accepted electronically via the turnitin link. The submission must be received by the due date and time.
Unless an extension has been explicitly given in writing, late submissions will receive a penalty of 10% of the maximum marks for this assignment, per calendar day.
Weight: 40%
Due date: 31 May, 2019 23:59 (Melbourne Time)
Length: 2500 words maximum
Feedback mode:
Feedback will be provided using Turnitin’s inline marking tool and general comments.

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