Team Development

Paula Hawkins
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MGMT 603 – Organizational Development
January 3, 2021

Team Development
Marissa L. Shuffler, Deborah Diazgranados, Travis Maynard, and Eduardo Salas. (June 2018). Developing, sustaining, and maximizing team effectiveness: An integrative, dynamic perspective of team development interventions.
As per this article, organizations require developing a team that will be effective and the one that will live within the involved organization for long. In this case, an organization like Walmart will require to have a team that has been effectively developed and the one that will last for long. The article has also revealed that team development is important for enhancing the performance of an organization like Walmart. The article has also revealed that team development can be made in various ways and one of them is through training and the other means of developing the team is by having a group of people that can help each other in growing stronger. While reflecting on this article, it is important to argue that Walmart is a company that has made tremendous steps in ensuring that it develops its team, and this is a long-term process for any organization that needs to develop.
Adam Bryant. (2016). How to build a successful team
As per this article and in relevance to Walmart, building an effective team does not mainly entail finding a group of individuals but bringing together the right mix of professional skills. The situation implies that different individuals may be brought together and fail to operate, and this creates the need for having the right mix of professionals. The article has also revealed that creating a successful team is not easy but the one that requires time and experience to create. Therefore, any organization that come up with an effective and successful team needs to take time and invest in the team that it requires to develop. The same situation applies to Walmart in that this company has taken a lot of time and resources to develop its team to ensure that the team is successful. Therefore, Walmart has taken numerous steps in trying to make sure that it has developed its team through training and giving incentives.
Martine Haas and Mark Mortensen. (June 2016). The Secrets of Great Teamwork
In this article, the current teams are unlike the teams of the past. The reason is that the current team is one that is highly advanced, dispersed, digital, and dynamic. The article reveals that the current teams are those that can be involved in frequent changes in the membership. The major reason for having this change is that the team must be developed and trained on effective ways that they may be successful so that the company can also be made successful. While relating this information to Walmart, it is important to argue that the team for this company is one that is highly specialized and dispersed and digital and the one that experiences frequent changes. The above situation has been realized since Walmart is an organization that took time to develop its team.
Nikita Duggal. (2018). Building a strong team: The stages of team development.
The article has revealed the major steps that need to be followed in developing a team. The stages include forming, storming, norming, performing, and later adjourning. Each of the above stages is important in that it will aid in the manner that the team becomes highly skilled and important. The above article is highly relevant to Walmart in that this is a company that has taken time in taking its team through these stages. Additionally, this company realized the need for having an effective team and these are the reasons that this organization tries as much as possible to develop its team. Walmart also identified the need for having a strong team and this is the reason why it took time and resources to invest in the development of the team that it had. Walmart is also trying as much as possible to continue in developing its team further to ensure increased performance and generation of more revenues.
Steve W. J. Kozlowski and Danie R. Ilgen. (2016). Enhancing the effectiveness of work groups and teams.
The above article has revealed that work groups and teams are those that require their effectiveness being enhanced from time to time. The article has also revealed that a team is one that intends to work toward attaining a common goal or purpose. This article shows that the team is comprised of different human social organization and the one that is highly diversified. The diversification means that these people are from different races, educational levels, ages, and even color among other considerations. The article is highly relevant to Walmart in that this organization has employed a team that is highly diversified and those that have professional skills and qualifications. Therefore, diversification is key in any organization and this is information that has been revealed by the article and the one that has been supported by Walmart. This is also an aspect of team development because they are trying to build a team that will be effective and developing such a team is paramount.
Katzenbach J. R. and D. K. Smith. (2016). The wisdom of teams: Creating the high-performance organization. Collins Business Essentials: New York: Harper Collins.
The above article has revealed that the development of a team is one that mainly lies on the Human Resource Management and the team. The article has also revealed that a team is one that requires having a lot of wisdom and whenever the team has the required skills and wisdom, then that team is at a point of creating an organization that is performing maximally and effectively. The same situation has been reflected in Walmart in that this is a company that majors on the Human Resources to develop its team. In this case, the article has revealed that the HRM is one that is associated with spotting the best talents and skills and trying to make sure that the required team has been obtained and can work in conjunction. The above argument is one that has been reflected in Walmart since this organization mainly majors on HRM to ensure that its team has been developed fully and effectively.

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