Assessment two: Project Plan
This assessment task (worth 35 percent of the total mark for the unit) requires you to take on the role of an IT Project Manager to produce a Project Plan for your employer, Victoria University Information Systems Consulting (VUISC). In this instance the Plan provides a detailed overview of a proposed project. It is developed to provide the client with a detailed insight into how the project will be managed so they can determine if they will approve the project to proceed as elaborated. This is an individual assessment task and must not be completed in a group or work shared.
Your employer
You work as IT project manager for a consulting firm based in Melbourne, VUISC Pty Ltd. You have worked at there for four years, while the company has been in operation for several years. The company has a range of employees including consultants, administrative staff, project managers, programmers, testers, business analysts, help-desk and technical support staff who specialise in system implementation, technical writers and end user trainers for professional development. The company provides information systems consultancy and project management services as well.
For the purposes of this assessment task consider your lecturer/tutor to be your operational managers. They can clarify any queries you may have.
Your client
A detailed client scenario is available on VU Collaborate. It describes a client Yes Chemist Pty Ltd. have asked VUISC to manage the implementation of their SAP System.
Review the scenario above carefully before you begin to begin to prepare your Plan. Ask your lecturer or tutor (your VUISC manager) if you have any questions or require any clarification about the scenario. Review the VUIS Consulting Project Plan Template.docx file provided on VU Collaborate. Complete every section of the template removing all prompts (and square brackets) and replacing them with your responses to the scenario. You must develop a schedule for the project comprising at least 50 tasks using Microsoft Project tool.
This assessment task is due for submission via Turnitin prior to the start of classes in week 10, before midday/ Fri 11:59pm. You must submit three files:
• A copy of a completed assessment declaration sheet (including ticks acknowledging the declaration has been read and understood) as a separate Word document,
• A copy of the MS Project file .mpp schedule and
• Your completed Project Plan in the VUISC template in Word format.
Note that this submission requires the use of a template and a scenario. In some cases significant similarity results for your Plan may be acceptable. However, you must not have direct matches to the scenario document, internet sources or other student submissions in your work (the Plan). Please do not leave your submission to Turnitin to the last moment and contact your tutor for advice if you are concerned about your Turnitin report.

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