The purpose of this paper will be to identify an area in behavior analysis that may create
ethical concerns for a population. Examples include: the use of restricted interventions 
with people with developmental disabilities, or the use of non-evidence based 
treatments with persons with ASD, or protecting the privacy of individuals when working 
with large groups (such as the staff at an agency, or workplace). You are not limited to 
these examples and can come up with something on your own, provided it has 
something to do with behavior analysis.  In your paper, you will be asked to identify the 
ethical dilemma and the population that it affects (example: persons with ASD).  You will
also need to find a peer reviewed journal article and summarize the information in your 
own words. The article should relate to the ethical dilemma (it can specifically talk about
the ethical dilemma or give an example of how the ethical dilemma was handled). You 
should identify what part of the BACB guidelines corresponds to the ethical dilemma. 
(What ethical codes are relevant?) You should identify what the contingencies are which
are operating on the participants (what reinforcement would the person receive for 
engaging in unethical and ethical behavior?) You should also recommend a course of 
action to resolve dilemma. 
The paper should be no more than 5 pages, it should be double spaced and in APA 

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