The goal of this assignment is to allow you to consolidate what you have learned in the class, from the book chapters and other references and to apply that knowledge to this assignment on branding. This is an individual assessment. For this assessment you should focus on the questions asked and illustrate the analysis with appropriate and relevant examples, arguments and theoretical frameworks to demonstrate your mastery and knowledge of the subject matter. Thorough background research (analysing the questions based on relevant topics in this unit, models and frameworks along with strong arguments supported by credible and relevant sources) will assist you in achieving a good mark for this assignment.
The assignment should include a minimum of 10 (ten) references from textbooks and refereed or peer-reviewed academic journals and an additional minimum of 5 (five) relevant references from newspapers, business magazines, industry white papers, company reports, credible websites or other information sources such as personal interviews. Please avoid unknown and unreliable websites as well as commentary and opinion from unknown and non-expert commentators.
Individual Assignment (respond to all questions):
Go to Interbrand’s website (
Compare and contrast the top ten ‘best global brands’ from the years 2009 and 2019.
What were some of the reasons for these shifts in brand value over the decade?
Which global brands did not make it to the 2019 list that were in the top 10 in 2009?
Examining now the top 20 best global brands from 2019, with which brand/s do you most relate to? Why?
Thinking about yourself as a brand, what do you do (both online and offline) to ‘brand’ yourself? How would you assess your own brand value?
Submission Details
– Due Date: Tuesday 21 April (Seminar 6).
– Word limit: 2,000 words (excluding references).
– Please note: Soft copy (electronic version) should be uploaded to the BHO5504 Collaborate site Assessment Dropbox by the deadline. Hard copy (paper version) is to be submitted to Dr Leanne White in class on 21 April or as soon as possible afterwards. Leanne has a locker / mailbox on Level 10 at City Flinders campus should you not be in class that evening.
– Please note that the hard copy is the one that will be marked and returned to you approximately two weeks later. The soft copy will also be viewed and allows for the Turnitin score (arrived at via text matching software) to be checked. This is a Victoria University requirement for most assessment items such as this.
– Please ensure that your work is presented with 1.5 line spacing, printed on one side of the page only and that all pages are numbered. You should pay particular attention to ensure that all citations are included in the list headed ‘References’ at the end of the document.
– All students are advised to seek assistance from the VU Learning Hub to help make your good work great or your great work even better.
BHO5504 – Brand and Product Management
Marking Criteria for Individual Assignment (35%)
Evaluation Criteria
Relevance of the discussion 10
Quality and depth of the analysis 10
Clarity, structure, grammar and word count 5
Appropriate references and citations 10
Total (out of 35)
Further comments:
/ 35
Dr Leanne White
Marking Grades Grade Range Marking Grades Grade Range
Excellent 80 – 100% (HD) Passing 50 – 59% (P)
Good standard 70 – 79% (D) Substantial work required 0 – 49% (N)
Satisfactory 60 – 69% (C)

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