An Easy way to write a Neonatal Nursing essay

If you are a student and you are pursuing nursing studies then at one point or the other you might be required to write a neonatal nursing essay. Generally, the term neonatal nursing refers to the kind of health care services that are offered to neonates. It is good to mention that a newborn is referred to as a neonate until it reaches one month old. This field of neonatal nursing therefore focuses on various techniques that nurses use to ensure that such newborns are able to cope with the health challenges that they might face. Specifically, there are a number of health problems that the newborns might suffer from which include but not limited to: birth defects, prematurity, cardiac malformations as well as infections. It is the job of the neonatal nurse to ensure that the newborns cope with such challenges. An easy way to write a neonatal nursing essay is to systematically tackle the essay writing process.

Similar to working on other types of essays, you should begin an essay in neonatal nursing by dissecting the topic or question that you are expected to work on. Some of the questions that you might be required to work on include: justification of the importance of the field of neonatal nursing, how assessing the heart rate is important when taking care of a neonate, why it is important to keep a neonate warm and how to take care of a premature neonate among others. Once you have understood the topic you should commence the process of looking for relevant information.

Notably, books and academic journals are an excellent source of information for a neonatal nursing essay. When reading such sources you should be sure to keep the relevant bibliographical information. Such information is important when citing and referencing your work.  The specific writing style that you ought to use is APA unless your course instructor advises you otherwise. It is always advisable to confirm the credibility of different sources of nursing information before you can use them in your work. As a rule of thumb, an acceptable neonatal nursing essay must among other things have a clear introduction, a coherent body as well as an interesting conclusion. Notably, the body should comprise of about 80% of your essay. This implies that you should spare enough time in writing it. A helpful rule of thumb is that you must make sure that each of the body paragraphs of your essay discusses only one main idea.

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