Argumentative essay on abortion

Abortion is one of the social issues that have raised controversies. Both proponents and opponents have conflicting ideas about abortion. Countries such as the US have legalized it while others such as the Republic of Ireland have not. Abortion is indeed a complex issue. It has its pros and cons. However, the pros outweigh the cons. Abortion is beneficial and nations should embrace it.

With the increase in the world population, resources are scarce. The economy is weakening and nations are becoming more unstable. Bringing forth unwanted children will expose them to a lack of necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing. It will also contribute to an increase in criminal activities. Research shows that most women who perform abortions are from poor backgrounds. Thus giving birth to children that they can’t cater to will worsen their financial situation and the children may end up becoming criminals as they seek to feed themselves. Abortion is a population control measure.

Apart from population control, abortion also gives a woman the right over her own body. Women are not containers for carrying babies. They are human beings who have the right to choose to keep a baby or to abort it. Abortion will bring about equality between men and women. Women who are not ready to get babies can abort and go on with their lives. They can concentrate on their careers and other sectors of their lives. Most women who are denied abortion services end up unemployed.

Abortion will eliminate unsafe abortions which contribute to maternal deaths due to complications. In countries such as the Republic of Ireland, abortion is not legalized. Some people opt to go for illegal and unsafe abortions. Most of these abortions lead to disabilities and even deaths. Legalizing abortion will eliminate such unsafe abortions as safe abortions conducted by qualified doctors will be adopted. Women who conceive without their consent such as those who are raped will have the liberty to abort.

Although some religions oppose abortions, others such as the Presbyterian Church and the United Methodist Church support it. They argue that there is nowhere in the bible whereby abortion is condemned. Instead, the bible warns against committing murder. The fetus is dependent on the mother, it is not aware of itself and therefore the mother has the right to decide on behalf of the fetus. Abortion is beneficial. Legalizing abortion will not only eliminate unsafe abortions but it will also contribute to the economy through population control

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