Best Way to Write a Dissertation Project Outline

Best Way to Write a Dissertation Project Outline

A dissertation is one of the taxing academic projects that you will ever work on as a student. Normally, this academic project is prepared by students at postgraduate level of study. A good dissertation must among other things solve a significant real world problem and contribute knowledge to a given field of study. Stated differently, a valid dissertation must not only be original but also significant. It is worth to note that you should be sure to prepare an outline before you can go ahead and commence the process of writing this paper. Highlighted below is the best way to write a dissertation project outline.

Provide a Sketch of Information that You Intend to Include in Different Parts of a Dissertation

It is worth to note that a good dissertation project outline provides a sketch of the various thoughts and ideas that you intend to include in its various chapters. This implies that you need to know what type of information that you intend to include in each of the chapters and sections of your dissertation before beginning the process of writing it. Mind-mapping is therefore important when working on such an outline.

Create an Introduction Outline Providing the Rationale of your Study

Introduction is the one of the most important chapters that you ought to sketch when writing a dissertation outline. When creating such a sketch you are expected to carefully think of different reasons why studying the given problem is important. Moreover, you are supposed to think of the various objectives that you aim at accomplishing by researching on a given problem.

Sketch a Literature Review Chapter Highlighting the Key Work to be used in your Study

Conventionally, a dissertation must have a literature review chapter. When creating a literature review chapter outline you are supposed to highlight the major texts that you intend to use in your dissertation. Such materials should be written by well-established scholars in a given field of study.  You must also be sure to highlight the theoretical framework that you intend to use.

Prepare a Sound Methodology Outline

The methodology chapter is very important when creating a dissertation outline. When preparing a sketch of your methodology you are supposed to provide brief information of your study area, target population, sample size, research design, data collection procedure and analysis. Moreover you must briefly explain how validity and reliability of your work has been ensured.

Finally, you also need to present a brief overview of the discussion and conclusion chapters of your dissertation. If you would like any clarification on the above discussed best way to write a dissertation project outline then you should be sure to contact us.

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