Comparison essay on Football and Basketball

Comparison essay on football and basketball

Football and basketball are interesting games that not only actively engage the player’s mind but also intensively involves physical exercise. A report by Harris Intensive indicates that both football and basketball are popular in the United States. However, football is more popular. There are a few similarities between these two games. Both of them are team sports. They are played by two opposing teams. Each team seeks to score more points. Also, football and basketball are played using leather balls.

There are more differences between football and basketball than similarities. Although both games are team sports. Football has eleven players from each team and basketball has five players per team. Football takes more time compared to basketball. In a professional match, football takes about 90 minutes while basketball takes 48 minutes.

The size of the pitch also differs. A basketball court is much smaller and narrower. The court measure 94 feet by 160 feet while a professional football field is 360 feet by 160 feet. Most football games are played in the field and the floor is covered with grass. Most basketball games are played indoors. The court floor is made of wood and the temperature of the pitch is controlled.

Football allows physical contact when the players are scrambling for the ball, while basketball does not allow physical touches. In football games, most players are suspended from the game for causing injuries while in basketball matches players are suspended for physical contacts and pushing around opponent players until they fall to the ground.

Points in basketball depend on the number of times that the team throws the ball into the opponent’s basket. While in football the number of scores depends on the number of times that the team managed to throw the ball into the opponent’s goal post. In football, the players fumble the ball and the ball is played using the feet. Basketball is played using the hands. The player is not allowed to run around with the ball. They are supposed to dribble.

Also, the balls and the uniform used in both games differ. Although the balls used in both games are made of leather. Basketballs are larger and heavier. They are round in shape. They bounce well once they hit the ground. Football has an oblong shape. It is smaller compared to basketball. Both basketball and football are interesting to watch as well as to play.

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