Gun control problem in the USA

Gun control problem in the USA

The USA is one of the developed countries that is experiencing the highest level of violent gun killings. With the easy availability of firearms, mass killings and suicide are on the increase. From the massacre that occurred in Texas, Odessa, and Alabama, to the mass shootings in schools such as the Columbine High School and Sandy Hook Elementary School. All reflect the magnitude of gun-related violence in the United States.

There are about 393 guns owned by civilians in the United States of America and 4.43 violent gun deaths per 100 000 people. There is also easy access to magazines that guide on how to use these guns. The murderer in Dayton Ohio who killed nine people bought his riffle online and bought a Double Drum Magazine that guided him on how to massively kill without reloading.

The United States of America does not have any legislation that guards access to guns. There is no licensing or control of access to magazines and informative materials that guide on how to use guns. President Triumph blamed the misuse of drugs and mental disorders as the main cause of these deaths. The Republicans on Fox news also blamed video games as the main cause. However, in Britain, there were high levels of deaths before the introduction of legislation guarding access to guns. After the introduction of laws regulating access to guns, the level of gun-related deaths reduced.

The United States encounters more death compared to other countries such as CANADA and Germany. The level of firearms homicide in the United States exceeds that of CANADA with close to six times and Germany with more than 16 times. Although the press and politicians concentrate more on mass killings. The level of suicide is also high. Police are killed more in the United States. The right to own guns is enshrined in the constitution and it is legal.

Although there is an increase in gun violence in the USA. Americans remain divided about the issue of easy access to guns. Opponents argue that legislations on access to guns will deny law-abiding citizens weapons to defend themselves from criminals. Proponents argue that controlling access to guns will save lives and reduce crime rates. One thing remains clear, mass shootings and suicides are not majorly caused by mental states and misuse of drugs. They are caused by violent gun shootings. The introduction of laws and policies that reinforces gun control will reduce gun-related deaths.


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