Has feminism contributed to the moral decline in society?

Has Feminism contributed to the Moral Decline in society?

Has feminism contributed to the moral decline in society?The belief that women and men should have equal rights is noble and acceptable. However, radical feminism has replaced the initial idea of feminism that aimed at ensuring women and men have equal rights. It is now pushing for the domination of women. Feminism has not only contributed to moral decline but it has also led to the oppression of the male gender.

Feminists emphasize more on the independence of a woman. It focuses more on the career life of a woman and strongly opposes giving birth and having a family. Feminism is based on two pillars; contraception and abortion. It has contributed to an increase in the number of divorces. 87% of the divorces are filed by women.

After the divorce, a woman is entitled to child support and alimony from the ex-spouse. Failure to provide for her can lead to imprisonment. No laws are protecting the male gender. Even in a case where a man has been raped and a child is born. He has to provide for that kid. Oppression of the male gender has led to the rise of practices such as homosexuality.

Apart from that, feminists challenge biology. They argue that men and women are supposed to depict similar behaviors. For instance, feminists argue that women can also expose their breasts just like men. This seeks to end the idea of men getting aroused whenever they see a woman’s breasts. However, their reasoning is absurd because men are visually stimulated.

Although in places such as the third world, there is a large number of women who are oppressed by men. Feminism is not a solution to the oppression and domination of the male gender. Some rules govern how women should be treated. Women are the backbone of a society and adapting to radical feminism will ruin generations.

Feminism affects children. It also lowers the self-esteem of both males and females. Children are either raised by a single mother after divorce or they are raised in families whereby the father has no say. The mother’s decisions are final. Such situations affect the kids and they may end up becoming violent.

According to biblical teachings, a man is not only supposed to provide but also lead a family. He should do this with lots of love. Feminism opposes religious values. It advocates for a society whereby men and women live independently. This affects the interaction between men and women. It also contributes immensely to moral decline.


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