Health care policy and law

Health care policy and law

Health care laws and policies play a vital role in regulating actions in the health industry.They are rules and regulations laid down with the purpose of promoting and protecting the health of the general public. Different regulatory agencies are given the  mandate to formulate these rules aimed at protecting the interests of the public from health hazards through health welfare programs.

while these two terms have the same basic function, they are also quite different.

What is Healthcare Laws?

Healthcare laws cover a vast of rules and regulations that industries and companies should comply with. Most education institutions, however, view health laws as a system that covers various specialized fields. These fields include but not limited to; public healthcare, infectious disease control, occupational healthcare, and bioethics. These laws address a variety of legal subjects such as mental health, health insurance, health reform, patient protection, emergency health care, as well as affordable health care to the citizens. These laws mostly focus on how the laid-out rules and regulations should be followed rather than on their violation.

Vaccination laws, Smoking bans, speed limits are just a few examples of the healthcare laws that have been formulated in the past and have been key in achieving better public health care. Smoking bans in public places are meant to protect nonsmokers and children from the dangerous side effects of the smoke. Speed limit and safety belt laws have taken motor vehicle safety to higher levels and reduced accident occurrence. vaccination laws have drastically lowered cases of infectious disease.

Healthcare policies, on the other hand, refer to a system of rules and regulations which aim at achieving or preventing specific results in relation to general healthcare regulations. These rules and regulations act as a reference body in which organizations and other government initiatives should adhere to. They are formulated and maintained as legal measures at the local, state, of federal government levels. Individual companies can also implement their own policies in relation to their practices. Healthcare policies involve very specific rules and regulations with the aim of achieving or avoiding a certain health related outcome.

The government, in conjunction with most businesses, have embraced the concept and the role of healthcare regulation in the economy. Increased environmental threats from new technologies have called for these regulations aimed at minimizing the overall risks to the health well-being of the citizens. The distinction between these two terms is particularly important in ensuring that a person’s and organization’s actions are in compliance with these rules and regulations.

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