How to Write A Nursing Case Study Assignment?

A nursing case study provides a detailed analysis of a patient or a group of them suffering from a similar medical condition. It focuses on giving a comprehensive description of the selected unit, including their medical history, symptoms, diagnoses, and other relevant details with the primary purpose of promoting an extensive account of their medical status.

In the course of study, nursing students are required to complete dozens of case studies. Students can use a real-life or hypothetical situation in writing case studies as long as the approach is practical enough in terms of description and analysis. A good case study demands a lot of planning and attention to detail. You have to ask and gather all the relevant questions, including age, sex, occupation, temperature, and blood pressure. The formatting of the content also determines how well the case study is executed.

Generally, a well-executed nursing case study should include three primary sections.

  1. The status of the patient

The first section of the case study focuses on the patient’s demographic information, medical history, subsequent diagnosis, and treatment. Here, try to include all the relevant personal information about the patient as possible. This includes who they are in terms of factors like age, sex, and race.

Next, you need to clearly explain why the information you provided is important to the study and the reason for seeking medical attention. Note down the first symptoms experienced, including the subsequent diagnosis given.

Based on the diagnosis, discuss the process of the disease by describing the causes, symptoms and document your observations. Describe the history and progression of the disease and explain how the available treatment options may impact nursing.

  1. Nursing assessment

To be included in this section is your own personal assessment of the patient in relation to the diagnosis. Explain why you arrived at each assessment. For example, one primary symptom in cancer patients is problems in urination. Thus, you will need to mention the problem and identify causes and effects to the patient. Based on potential causes, you will suggest appropriate treatment and nursing care plans.

  1. Current care plans and recommendations

This section focuses on the nursing treatment/care plans and their goals in improving the patient’s condition. Identify the most appropriate treatment options like medication or therapy and describe why each plan is the most appropriate for the diagnosis.

Additionally, you will need to talk about how the above treatment plan will improve the patient’s condition and better their quality of life. Also explains how the plan should be executed to achieve the projected changes. This includes the person responsible for executing the plan, materials necessary in care delivery, and measurable goals that will be used to compare the progress and effectiveness of the plan.

Finally, you will give your own opinion based on the patient’s medical status, prognosis, and the suggested care plan. You will further propose additional care plans that can better or hasten the recovery process.

Crafting a compelling nursing case study can be an arduous task. It demands a lot of planning and consideration. Because a nursing case study is an academic paper, you must be intentional with the type of sources you use and the format you incorporate.  Meanwhile, if you are not confident about your writing skills, you can always ask for help from online essay writing services to complete the case study for you.

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