How to Write a Nursing Fact Sheet

A nursing fact sheet is a document that presents important information and aspects about the nursing profession in a detailed manner. A fact sheet could be typed or handwritten and takes the form of a short report. It is mainly targeted at nursing students and those aspiring to join the profession to provide them with important information relating to the profession and what to expect during practice.

Because it details only important information, a fact sheet typically covers a maximum of one to two pages. Only key points and vital information is recorded and presented concisely in as few words as possible.

Steps in creating a nursing worksheet

  1. Create a file

A fact sheet can be created in different software. However, the most common software used to create a fact sheet is MS Word. MS Word is effective because it is quite easy to navigate. It also allows you to edit and save it in multiple formats, including a document or a PDF form to suit your convenience.

  1. Create an Introduction

Come up with a short and brief introduction that clearly states the purpose of your document. The introduction can also be accompanied by a brief vision statement of the fact sheet or the institution. The introduction and vision statement will inform the reader of the purpose of the factsheet and generally what the document entails.

  1. Record detailed information

After creating an introduction, the next step is to record important information ina precise manner concerning the chosen issue or topic, in this case, the nursing profession. Information given in this section can differ significantly based on the specific issue and topic being addressed.

  1. Note down Key points and procedures if any

Introduce a segment where you note down the most important facts about the nursing profession. You can also introduce another section that details specific procedures or guidelines for carrying out a given activity. Ensure to make these sections as brief as possible by presenting the points in bullets or as a simple list.

  1. Introduce Charts and Diagrams for Visual Enhancement

By introducing charts and diagrams, your audience can better understand the information you intend to communicate. A fact sheet that employs these tools is likely to be more impactful than one that doesn’t. Additionally, you can use a step-by-step method in relaying your information in the fact sheet.


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