How to write a perfect college book report outline

Writing a college book report outline is one of the tasks college students are supposed to handle. It tests the reading, writing and analytical skills of an individual. To compose a perfect college book report, prepare adequately before beginning the writing process. Do background research before choosing a book. Read it thoroughly and make notes. The notes will guide you during report writing.

Begin with writing the introduction. The introduction should have the title of the book, the author’s name, and the main idea. Also include the publication date, publication information, genre and the number of pages. State whether the book has broken any records or won awards. The introduction is followed by a summary of the book. Describe the writing style and the tone the author used. The characters, plot, setting, and timing.

Mention the main characters in the story and the problems they are trying to solve. Highlight any wrangles that exist between them. You can also mention any minor characters that played a critical role. The plot of the story should explain the flow of events from the start to the end. Identify the source of conflict in the story, how the conflict developed and how it was solved. Explain how the story ended. Show the major twists in the plot and how the characters have played a role in building the plot. Expound on the different traits of each main character such as personal values. Also, include the different themes in the story.

After the summary, proceed to evaluate the book. Give your observations and opinions about the book. Identify its strengths and weaknesses. Raise any concerns you identified in the plot and critique the sections that have not matched the expected standard. Use direct quotations from the book to support your arguments. Highlight what you learned from the book and whether the book appealed to you.

In the conclusion part, give a brief opinion about the book and state whether you would recommend other people to read it. Mention why you would recommend them to read it. Proofread and edit your work to ensure consistency and logical flow of thoughts. Erase any grammatical and spelling errors in your work. You can also give a friend to go through it. A perfect report should stand out. It should depict your excellent writing and analytical skills. Use transitions to switch from one point to another, be concise and avoid using complex terms.

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