How will impeachment inquiry on Triumph affect US 2020 elections

How will impeachment inquiry on Triumph affect US 2020 elections

With Donald Triumph impeachment looming, and the House of Representatives holding accusations against him. It remains uncertain whether the president will be impeached or not. If the House of Representatives agrees upon impeaching him based on crime and misdemeanors. The motion will be passed to the senate. A two-thirds majority vote chaired by the chief justice will impeach the president.

The impeachment inquiry will affect the 2020 general elections in predictable ways. Most likely it will withdraw support and the popularity of Donald Triumph.  The Republicans might fail to nominate him for the elections. If he is not impeached, Triumph will maintain the presidency but his popularity will decline. If he is nominated in the 2020 elections, the Democrats will use the impeachment inquiry against him.

It is also likely to affect Triumph supporters and Republican senators who are seeking re-election in 2020. Their popularity is also likely to decline. Some of these senators include Cory Gardener from Colorado and Susan Collins from Maine. The move is also likely to affect senate republicans from Lowa and North Carolina.

The impeachment inquiry of President Bill Clinton raised various concerns from the elites. Most of them perceived it negatively. However, it worked in favor of President Bill and made him gain more support and popularity. This can also occur in President Donald Triumph’s case. However, he has to stop perpetrating the actions that are pissing his supporters off.

Joe Biden whose son’s business in Ukraine triggered the impeachment inquiry is likely to gain more support from the Democrats. He is even likely to be nominated for the elections. His greatest rivals at this point are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Joe might also face the risk of lack of support due to guilt by association.

There are also speculations that Republicans will use impeachment inquiry as a strategy to oppose the house democrats who run in a republican dominated and friendly areas in 2018. The impeachment inquiry is likely to lower President Donald Triumph’s approval rating at the current moment. However, if the impeachment is not successful and he makes it to the ballot in 2020. Some people are likely to forget and they will support and vote for him. The consequence of the impeachment inquiry is uncertain. However, it is likely to affect senate republicans seeking re-election, and house democrats running in republican friendly areas. It is also likely to harm Triumph’s popularity and support.


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