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Human resource management, also called HRM or just HR, is the key to every business and social activity in the world today. Even though everyone knows the basics of human resource management (HRM), the subject is not as simple as it seems. HRM is a complicated process that requires expert knowledge and certain skills. This is because the social environment is always changing, there are always new ways to process information, and new theories keep coming out. At the same time, you can’t put a price on good human resource management because it affects the quality of work in every department of a company.

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Human Resource Management

Human resources management commonly abbreviated as HRM deals with quite a wide range of functions revolving around the development and management of employees within an organization. The human resource management department is central to any organization and has the functions to conduct job analyses, recruit the right personnel, identify and satisfy the needs of employees, plan and manage their wages and salaries, motivate through benefits and incentives, evaluate employee performances, resolve any emerging disputes among others. The primary function of HRM in any organization is to achieve a productive and valuable workforce.

Employees as a resource

HRM views employees as the most important asset of an organization. Therefore, it emphasizes on establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with people to improve organizational performance. HRM also ensures the safety of the employees by ensuring that welfare and health measures are in compliance with the state laws.

Objectives of Human Resource Management

The objectives of HRM can be broken down into four categories.

  1. Organizational objectives: Entails all the actions and measures taken to enhance the efficiency and performance of the organization. This includes recruiting the right personnel, training employees, and taking necessary measures to develop and retain a valuable workforce
  2. societal objectives: These are actions taken to fulfill ethical and social needs and also address challenges facing the employees. Such issues may include legal concerns that focus on equality in all dimensions, including equal job opportunities and an unbiased payment regime.
  • Functional objectives: These are guidelines put in place to ensure that the HR functions effectively. This involves ensuring that all resources are availed and allocated at the right time for efficient operations.
  1. Personal objectives: Entails allocating resources required for the satisfaction of the individual goals of an employee. These encompass availing training to employees that desire to advance and grow their education and career. It also helps in enhancing employee satisfaction, which in turn fosters loyalty among the workforce.

The importance of human resource management

The role of HRM is to manage the employees emphasizing the organization’s culture with the goal of achieving the set objectives. With the right approach, HRM ensures that only skilled and qualified people are recruited. Monitoring ensures that employees do their work effectively, which is ultimately reflected in performance.

An organization’s performance is determined by the efficacy and enthusiasm of its workforce . Therefore, HRM plays a crucial role in maintaining and improving the performance of an organization. It is the responsibility of HRM to keep a close eye on the job market and ensure that the organization remains relevant and competitive. This involves ensuring that employees receive fair compensations and benefits, the flexibility of job roles with changes in the market in order to retain valuable employees in the organization.

Human Resource Management includes the following units and courses:

Human Resource Management: Taking care of people
Policies for the job market and making jobs
Development of Human Resources: Hiring and Choosing
Research Methods for Human Resource Management Personnel Administration in Marketing Basic Economics of Business Psychology of Employment
Planning for and developing human resources
Training and Growth in Human Resource Technology
Evaluation of performance
HRM Case Studies on Employee Benefits and Pay Management

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