Overcoming Bullying Among Nursing Staff

Overcoming Bullying Among Nursing Staff

Bullying is a commonplace among nurses that creates a destructive working environment. Nurses are subjected to emotional and physical bullying which is detrimental to their work (Giorgi 163). One of the strategies of eliminating the vice among nursing staff is to create a culture of caring. All the workers should be trained to care for each other for the sake of the patients (Bardakçı and Neslihan 167). Bullying is one of the causes that leads to stress at work and eventually leads to medical errors. The culture should begin with top management which should continually checkout their nurses to know their wellbeing.

Nurses who are bullied should speak up and report cases of bullying. The action will stop the bully from subjecting other workers to the same torture. Nurses should report to the management or other agencies that help fight for the rights of nurses (Giorgi 164). The bullied nurse should also seek support from friends and counselors to avoid stress or depression. It is also important for the management to take up such reports and act promptly. Nurses should also confront the bullies personally or with other nurses against the vice (Giorgi 166). The confrontation should be clear that the matter will be reported to a higher authority. Additionally, it is also important to avoid a bully by keeping a company of friendly nurses who are caring.

The top management should take the new nurses through an intensive orientation that will ensure they learn the culture of the organization. They should also be guided on the stand of the organization against bullying (Bardakçı and Neslihan 168). The decision will stop unwelcome behavior from new employees from emerging. Top management should also seek to investigate the causes of bullying unveil other bullies in the workforce and punish them (Bardakçı and Neslihan 169). The proactive measures will be essential in eliminating the vice.


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