Reducing juvenile weapons crimes

One out of four deaths in the US is caused by the use of firearms. The use of weapons among youths is increasing at an alarming speed. The government together with the community and other agencies have put in place strategies to reduce the use of weapons particularly guns in crime.

The government has put in place policies to reduce gun violence. The Gun-Free act states that any student who is found guilty of carrying a firearm to school should be expelled for more than one year. Also, the Youth Handgun Safety Act prohibits the possession of a handgun among juveniles. Apart from these policies, the government should impose tight regulations that reduce availability. The government should ensure every person who gets a firearm gets a license. The license should be revoked if anyone uses the gun to assault anyone.

Also, drug treatment and prevention programs should be put in place. Sometimes youths engage in crime under the influence of drugs. Those who have already been addicted should be taken to rehabilitative centers for recovery. The government should work closely with the community to get closer to these youths.

Parents should be taught appropriate parenting skills. They should closely supervise their children. This will help them detect fishy behaviors among their kids. They should also monitor the peer groups their kids are engaged with. Supervision is essential as it helps parents realize when their kids are going wrong. They can tell when their kids want to join gangs that commit crimes using weapons on time and prevent them from joining.

Education programs should be initiated to train youths about the negative effects of using weapons in crime. They should be educated more about gun violence and the consequences of engaging in crime. The government should work closely together with schools and the community for them to get to know youths who engage in crime and arrest them.

The Youth Firearms Violence Initiative was formed to come up with strategies on how to reduce juvenile crime in areas with high rates of crime. Police departments use directed patrols and civil remedies in reducing juvenile weapons crimes. The use of weapons among juveniles to commit a crime is one of the major concerns, particularly in the United States. The government should put in place measures to stem this negative vice. They should put in place policies regulating access to guns and enforce these laws.


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