Techniques used in writing the title of a thesis or a dissertation

Techniques used in writing the title of a thesis or a dissertation.

The title of a thesis or dissertation plays a vital role in guiding readers. It acts as a map that directs readers on what the body of the thesis is all about.  The choice of words in a title either adds or deducts marks to your dissertation. It is essential to consider several factors when writing the title. First and foremost it should be relevant, it should cover the scope of work.

Secondly, use descriptive words to Catch the attention of your readers but avoid using jargons which makes it hard for the target audience to understand what the thesis is all about. The title should be clear and precise, avoid too long titles. There are different approaches that one can use in a title. Adverbs such as how aid readers understand what the thesis is all about. For instance, how to grow your business. Apart from the use of adverbs a writer can also use a research approach when composing a title. For example, a qualitative analysis of the effects of drug abuse. Also, you can use expected outcomes to hook the reader to the end. For example, the best ways to eradicate pests.

Choosing a title can be a challenging task particularly when one is dealing with broad topics. However, writers should not worry as there are different techniques they can use to create outstanding titles that are catchy and informative.


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