Wellness promotion and illness prevention essay

Wellness promotion and illness prevention essay

Disease prevention and wellness promotion have become an integral part of health care systems, unlike decades ago when more focus was on the cure of diseases. Besides administering medication, conducting diagnostic tests, taking vital signs, and making physical assessments, nurses also play a critical role in preventive health where they are tasked with disseminating information to patients. They do so by offering education and encouraging people to seek preventative health services like screening, counseling, and preventive medications like immunizations. They also influence different groups to adopt healthy living styles like healthy eating and exercising for prolonged life.

Why are nurse students given wellness and illness prevention essays?

Nurses act as educators and promoters of illness prevention by continuously educating individuals and families on ways to improve their health status. These essays serve as a tool to impart knowledge and skills the nurse needs to perform their duty effectively. They also serve as a measure of nursing students’ understanding of the same.

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