Why do students consider essay assignments as a difficult task?

Essay writing is compulsory in every coursework. Students are required to complete a plethora of essays throughout their academic journey. Unfortunately, many students fret at the idea of having to complete all these essays. But let’s be honest, essay writing is not all simple. It can be very complex, especially for students who have newly enrolled in college and university. Even top students sometimes face difficulties in essay writing.

But why do students find essay writing a difficult task? There are a few explanations behind this.

The first main reason is undeveloped essay writing skills. Professors and educators expect students to write their essays well, but due to inept writing skills, most of them fail to do so. Factors like a lack of command of the English language and vocabularies can render students unable to craft high-quality essays. Without essay writing skills, writing a good essay will be an impossible task.

For some students, it is simply a lack of focus and concentration. Unlike other assignments, essay writing demands utmost enthusiasm and concentration. You must be prepared to dedicate time and effort to the process for good results. Be ready to identify how you can develop focus. It could be through listening to music, exercising, dancing, walking, or any other activity that stimulates you to develop ideas. Upon developing enough focus, the essay writing process will surprisingly easy. Unfortunately, many students are either unwilling to concentrate or do not know how to develop their own focus and end up deflecting from the writing process.

Additionally, lack of practice can also make students dread essay writing. You must have heard the saying that “practice makes perfect.” Even experts agree that writing better demands a lot of practice. Therefore, to become an expert in essay writing, a student must be prepared to practice adequately. Unfortunately, most students are unwilling to put in the effort and often hire professional essay writers to complete their essays.

Finally, an incomplete understanding of the subject topic can also make a student avoid essay writing. Students are required to write numerous essays on different topics throughout the coursework, some of which are very complex. To craft a top-notch essay, one must be well acquainted with the subject topic.  Failure to understand the topic clearly can make it challenging to collect the appropriate information needed to create a winning essay. But most students are not prepared to read and do the necessary research for an in-depth understanding of the essay topic. The results are poorly written essays with incomplete and incomprehensible sentences that can only score meager grades.

If you face difficulties in essay writing, you will most likely associate yourself with some or all of the above issues. But if you are serious about essay writing, you must be ready to put in more time and effort by practicing more often and increasing your focus and concentration on the task. Otherwise, you can also opt to seek help from online essay writing services and have a professional complete the essay for you.

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