Book review on peace came in the form of a women

sources only use the textbook and one scholarly review which is provided below What is the main argument of the author? How convincing is this argument being made? What types of primary sources is the author using? Why/how is this book significant to the larger debates in scholarship on American slavery? Be certain to follow the footnotes carefully in the introduction for tracking the historiography. In following the footnotes, who is the author writing against or in agreement with? What approach or methods does the author use to present their argument? What is the historical context of their argument? How significant is the book’s contribution to our understanding of American slavery? You can also discuss any gaps you may find in the reading or author’s argument. The book is Peace Came in the Form of a Woman: Indians and Spaniards in the Texas Borderlands by Juliana Barr double-spaced and use a standard 12-point font Times New Roman. Formatting and citations should follow Chicago Manual of Style. It must be two pages in length.

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