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This assessment requires the analysis of a brand communication strategy in the Australian market for a specific company and brand. This analysis should enable an Australian-based firm to assess their opportunities and success rate to develop a new brand communication strategy (including digital). The focus of this project is for you to demonstrate your analysis as well as risks and opportunity assessment skills.
You will undertake research into the challenges faced by consumer goods and services manufacturers when building brand loyalty while endeavouring to build and maintain a relationship with and build value for the consumer. As a first step, each group has to agree on a product category, e.g. laundry detergents, and then each student has to choose a different brand within that product category, e.g. OMO. Each student’s task is to assess the current brand communications strategy of their chosen brand in the market. Note: one student’s brand and market analysis will be used as basis for the group assessment while the other assignments will be used to refine and complement; so choose your product category and brands wisely.
Your assignment should:
Present market opportunities/threats (changes/trends) relating to your chosen brand and product in the Australian market.
consumer needs & trends relating to brand communications strategy
analysis of competitors’ brand communications strategies & trends with a focus on digital
Present the market and identify the target segment(s) of your chosen brand/product category.
Assess the current positioning and value proposition of your chosen brand
Assess the current brand communications strategy with a focus on digital for your chosen brand
Provide conclusion presenting opportunities for a new brand communications strategy
The written report is limited to a maximum of 1,500 words (including Executive Summary but excluding References and Appendices; typed in 1.5 line spacing on one side only of single sheets of A4 using 12 pt. size type with normal 2.54cm margins). Marking emphasis will be placed strongly upon your ability to build a credible and understandable argument, based upon sound theory, supported by correctly referenced research, for your prescriptive recommendations outlining the firm’s opportunities and challenges. Readability, grammar, spelling, presentation and referencing will also be considered.
Note: Electronic copy of the report via turnitin is due by 11.59pm on Monday, 22 February 20201. This assessment will count for 30 per cent of total unit marks.

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