Short Essays

Please answer all of the 5 short essay questions below.
Each essay is worth 1 point and should be approximately 3/4 to 1 page in length.
Good luck!

1. Briefly describe the marketing mix (4 P’s) for a retailer specializing in catering parties held at consumers’ home or office locations. (include a positioning strategy and be sure to identity your target market)

2. Describe the concept of marketing myopia, and give an example of a company who experienced marketing myopia.

3. Keeping a customer satisfied costs money.

(a). What are some of the benefits of having a satisfied customer? (list at least 3) In other words, why and how does it make sense economic sense to have satisfied customers?
(b). Assume you run a company whose objective is total customer satisfaction. Suggest some ways through which you could track how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are.

4. Explain how the role of marketing would change as a computer manufacturer evolves from the production concept, to the selling concept and ultimately to the societal marketing concept.

5. Assume you are conducting a portfolio analysis on your company, which currently has 4 SBU’s: (1)cellphones, (2)tablets, (3)laptops and (4)DVD players. Assume that both the cellphone and tablet market is growing and that the market for laptops and DVD players is saturated.
The market share your company has for each product is as follows:
Cellphone: 10% market share, Market Growing
Tablet: 75% market share, Market Growing
Laptop: 80% market share, Market Saturated
DVD players: 8% market share, Market Saturated
a. Classify each SBU according to the BCG matrix. (If you want, you may draw a diagram).
b. Based on your classification, for which SBU’s do you recommend investment? Where should this investment come from? Explain your answers. – Professional nursing dissertation writers
c. Give 2 suggestions on how the company could grow (increase sales) in the future.

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