Respond to your colleagues’ posts below and:
1. Make recommendations for the design choice.
2. Explain whether you think that this is the appropriate test to use for the research question. Why or why not?
3. As a lay reader, were you able to understand the results and their implications? Why or why not?

LaTonya Lowery
The article chosen for review is Social Medial Contributions to Strong Black Woman Ideal Endorsement and Black Women’s Mental Health. The sample size of the participants is 412 from ages 18-30 mean 24.25. Part of the participants, 224, were recruited from Amazon Mechanical Turk and 188 were graduates and undergraduates from a Midwestern university. The researchers sought to provide data for the following four hypotheses:
1. We expected that higher levels of SBW endorsement would predict adverse mental health and lower self-esteem.
2. Which social medial variable would contribute most to Black Women’s adverse mental health outcomes and lower self-esteem, once demographic factors are controlled?
3. Higher use of Black-oriented blogs and hashtags would predict more positive mental health and higher self-esteem.
4. Black-oriented blog and hashtag use would moderate the relations between SBW endorsement and Black women’s mental health and self-esteem such that these relations would be weaker for women who engaged in heavier use of Black-oriented blogs and hashtags.
For the first question, the method for testing was a bivariate correlation between SBW ideal endorsement and the six social media variables, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Bog use, and Hashtag use. The results rendered a contradiction to what was predicted. Black-oriented blog and hashtag use was each associated with stronger SBW endorsement.
For the second, third, and fourth questions the method for testing was hierarchical multiple linear regression analyses. The five well-being variables were depression, anxiety, hostility, sensitivity, and self-esteem in correlation with demographics, sample, age, subjective socioeconomic status.
For the research and the different hypotheses, the methods used for testing, bivariate correlation and linear regression analysis is the best method because of the multiple variables tested. The authors reported size effect, R squared. Not all variables were meaningful. There was positive change in the adjusted R squared. The authors provided visual data results.
Stanton, A., Jerald, M., Ward, M., Avery, L., (2017). Social Media Contributions to Strong Black
Woman Ideal Endorsement and Black Women’s Mental Health. Psychology of Women Quarterly
(4), 465-478.

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