Each Question need to be in Single Page with Question Number

Discussion Question 3 – CLO 2

Why do some organizations believe that they can manage performance better by getting rid of the performance management system (PMS) and does it affect strategic decision-making?

Describe the PMS where you work.

Discussion Question 4 – CLO 3

Competing with competitors for resources and capabilities is a central theme to a company’s strategy for competitive advantage.

This also affects strategic decision-making.

How can companies strategize to compete for human capital resources?
How does this affect overall decision making?

Discussion Question 6 – CLO 2

Select a company in which you are interested.

Conduct at least two (2) Internet sources that will enable you to answer the following question:

How well is the company’s strategy working?
Give your opinion on why it is or is not working, and explain why you believe that.
Discussion Question 7 – CLO 3

Think about the company in which you are employed.

What is your company’s strategy to stimulate creativity, problem-solving, generating alternative solutions, and effective bias-free decision making?

Discussion Question 8 – CLO 3, CLO 4

Think about where you are employed.

What are some dimensions of performance organizations that they measure for you?
What are some you would want to measure?
Define and differentiate between outcome, behavior, and trait measures.
What are the characteristics of effective performance measures?

Discussion Question 10 – CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 6

Live Nation operates music venues, provides management services to music artists, and promotes more than 22,000 live music events annually. The company merged with Ticketmaster and acquired concert and festival promoters in the United States, Australia, and Great Britain.

How has the company used horizontal mergers and acquisitions to strengthen its competitive position?
Are these moves primarily offensive or defensive?
Has either Live Nation or Ticketmaster achieved any type of advantage based on the timing of its strategic moves?
Discussion Question 11 – CLO 6

Companies diversity for many reasons.

Define and explain how business diversification can enhance shareholder value? Give an example.
What are the merits and risks of corporate strategies keyed to unrelated diversification?
Define and describe a diversified company’s four main corporate strategy options for solidifying its diversification strategy and improving company performance.
Either use the company for which you are employed, or choose a large multinational corporation for an example.

What is its diversification strategy?
Define and describe a diversified company’s four main corporate strategy options for solidifying its diversification strategy and improving company performance.
Discussion Question 12 – CLO 7

Milton Freeman believed that the shareholder approach to social responsibility.

He believed that shareholders were the only ones who should be socially responsible. The firms should maximize profits, and what each shareholder does on his or her own is their own responsibility. Apple Inc. followed this for many decades, as its largest shareholders are some of the most philanthropic people in the world.

R. Edward Freeman believes in stakeholder theory. He believes that companies have a moral responsibility in their business practices. He believed that companies had an obligation to invest outside of the immediate inside stakeholders and should invest in society at large. Excess profits should go to society.

Both men believed in higher ethics; i.e., obeying the spirit of the law, as well as the letter of the law.

If you owned a company, which of the two men’s principles do you believe you would follow? Why?

Discussion Question 14 – CLO 4

Please provide an evaluation of the Path to Competitive Advantage and Motivation and Feedback and answer the following questions:

How can managers enhance employee motivation through performance management techniques?
It is well known that individuals on international assignments operate under unique contextual and cultural realities. How would motivation differ in such environments?

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