Assessment 3
Assessment Type: Individual Essay 1,500 (?/- 10%).
Purpose: The assessment allows students to plan, research and analyse a specific case relating to an ethical issue that has occurred in the current business environment. It also allows students to draw conclusions that impact on various stakeholders and to communicate their findings in a professional manner. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes a. b. c and d.
Topic: Analysis of a current ethical problem relating to the business environment and identification of a mitigation strategy.
Value: 20% Due Date: Week 9.11:30 pm. Friday
How to submit: Individual Report: Soft copy – Word doc or docx uploaded to Moodle & Tumitin. Do not submit PDF documents or documents in other non-word formats a topic to be researched
Task details: The individual assessment requires students to provide responses to short answer questions relating to the practical application of business ethics and sustainability
Students will have to do research to support the discussion, recommendations and conclusion with suitable and relevant references. A minimum of 8 peer-reviewed academic journal articles. Journals with a focus on business ethics and sustainability are highly recommended and can be accessed via the journal databases provided by the KOI library. . References that are unacceptable include: online encyclopedia such as Wikipedia, general websites, blogs, newspapers and magazines. Please check with your tutor or the librarian if unsure about the validity of sources identified Students seeking a higher grade should support present a higher number of references to support the discussion, recommendations and conclusion.
The essay should be written in formal academic narrative style. Referencing should be appropriately done. The Harvard Anglia type is preferred and bullet points or casual language should not be used. The report should follow the following format:
o Cover page
o Table of contents
o Introduction
o Sections and sub-sections discussing forms of corruption
o Sections and sub-sections discussing strategies to minimise corruption o Conclusion
o List of references
o Appendices (if any)
The following specifics should be applied to the essay format:
o Paper size – A4
o Font – Arial. 12 point
o Line spacing -1.5
o Margins – 2.5 cm top. bottom, left and right
The following are points to note about this assessment:
o The assessment relates to learning outcomes a. b. c and d.
o The word count for this assessment is 1500 words (-/? 10%). The count excludes the cover sheet, contents page, references, appendices, and illustrations (eg. diagrams, graphs and tables).
o Do not use footnotes.
o The assessment accounts for 20% of the final grade and will be marked out of 20.
The individual essay will be graded using the catena below:
o Assignment goals and substance – 4/20
o Analysis – 8/20
o Clarity of written work – 4/20
o Format – 4/20
The details of the grading catena are presented in the assessment rubric on the following page

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