Your End of Module Project is due in at the end of Unit 9.

Assignment Question
Using your research skills, you are required to conduct some research into the employment prospects for UK graduates.

Summarise the employment/earnings performance of graduates in the labour market;
Looking back over the last 3-5 years, examine the performance of graduates in the labour market and discuss any changes and/or trends you see developing.
On the basis of your research evaluate whether the benefits of obtaining a degree exceed the costs.
You must include a minimum of two appropriate academic citations, correctly referenced, within your submission.


In this module you have embarked upon a learning journey which will equip you with graduate skills. Many individuals undertake higher education study to enhance their overall job prospects; improving their chances of getting a job, securing promotion or increasing their salary etc.

The Department for Education conducts regular surveys of graduates in the labour market and its reports are available at:

DfE – Graduate labour market statistics

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