Each answer can be done in one paragraph. Can this be done by today

In your own words, what are some of the similarities and differences between structuredand unstructured data?

Why does the kind of data necessary depend on thequestion the analystistrying toaddress?

Why is it important toestablishadata workflowsystem?

What characteristics do you think are of the most significant importance whenestablishing a data workflow system ?
What emerging technologies, either discussed in this courseor not,interest you the most,and why?

What emerging technologies do you think are the most important for accountants tounderstand, and why?

In your opinion,what are the key differences between a good and a poor visualpresentation of data or results?

The use of dashboards has increased in recent years. In your opinion,will that trendcontinue, and why or why not?

How can simpleconcepts such as measures of central tendency be useful within anaccounting setting?

Whatis the primary purpose of linear regression? Please provide an example of aquestion that linear regression might address and explain why linear regression would beuseful.

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