Create a logo for your business. A logo like the Nike swoosh or Domino’s Pizza can have a big impact, and the colors and font you use also make a difference. You can do ONE of the following:

● Draw it if you are artistic and simply take a picture and insert on a google slide

● Or simply go on the internet and find an image you like, paste it on a slide and use

Google slides to come up with a font and Color scheme

● If you are really into a graphic design can use any program you want but do not have to

go wild working on the design

After you have the logo go to the following site:

Answer the following on a few slides based on the info on the site:

1. List the colors you chose for the logo and explain why

2. How will these colors help attract your target market?

3. Describe the parts of your logo (why did you choose certain pictures, fonts, shapes etc.)

4. Evaluate a competitors logo and answer the three above questions the best you can.

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