Midterm Essay
You are to choose one of the two essays and write a comprehensive, well-documented think piece on how you would handle the following case study, provided that financial means, administrative assistance, and legal jurisdiction are available to you.  The extent to which you back up the steps you would take will indicate to me, the Instructor, the extent to which you read the textbook (specifically cite page numbers of your textbook when you are referring to something we have read), read our discussion board postings, and comprehended the material. I am not interested in your opinion per se so much as I am interested in determining how much you have learned, based on taking this class, COM140. In other words, I am not concerned with the “answer” you have but “how you came to that answer” that I am interested in evaluating.  Do know you have the freedom to interject your professional experience/opinions when appropriate but remember I am looking for substantiated materials.  If you have read other books, other journals, have access to other information, when appropriate, cite these sources.  When you send me your midterm, make sure you put: “Student name, COM140-80, Midterm exam, and then identify the case number you have chosen to respond.”   Please do this as I have LOTS of classes, lots of students, and some of you are in more than one of my online classes.  Good luck!  Take your time; read. Think on the questions. These questions are not easy; these questions will require you to reach within the bowels of your brain lobes and think.  Research the different areas, and then write up a fabulous essay (Introduction, body, conclusion, and bibliography). 

Remember, college-level writing, meaning: (1) no contractions, (2) refrain from using “very,” (3) be more descriptive than using “thing,”), (4) do not use “it” as you will want to be specific, (5) include an introductory paragraph that outlines the main points of the body as well as a concluding paragraph that contains a summary paragraph; and (6) do not end sentences with prepositions.  Use APA-format for research citations.

Format of the essay should look similar to:

Student Name


Midterm Exam

Option: Case Study #1 (or #2)

Introduction- In the introductory paragraph, be sure to provide a clear preview of points (outlining the number of points and what those points will be that you plan to develop in the body of the paper)

Sub-heading for each of your main points; identify the points, develop each point; substantiate and support the claims made with each point; and put the points in “parallel” language.

Conclusion- be sure to provide a summary of the points you made in this essay; provide an overall “lasting statement” that articulates the thesis.

References- Substantiate your work with a bibliography.  Be sure to provide verbal citations (in-text citations) that include author and year of publication (eg: Ivy & Wahl, 2009).

Opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest violence. 
-Hebrew proverb

Intercultural Case Study #1: You are in charge of identifying a well-known hate-group/terrorist organization either in the USA or abroad and composing an in-depth, comrpehensive, research-based analysis of this group.  Research the origins of this hate-group/terror organization, how do they get members, what are their goals, what needs do they serve (if they did not serve a need, they would not exist), provide a chronicle of the major events and key players tied to this hate-group. I am not interested in your feelings or opinions of the hate/terror-group per se but rather I want you to summarize the hate-group’s organization in a way to how the organization has gotten to where they are today.  If you had the power, financial means, manpower, and constitutional authority, how would you go about dissolving/eradicating the hate/terror-group.  Let us remember that the group has formed because the group meets a real need in the community; if you “demolish and destroy” the group, its members will only move to another location and re-group; therefore, you really need to analyze the VERY CAUSES of why the group exists and how you can meet those needs in a different, more constructive way.  As a professor grading your midterm essay, I am keenly interested in knowing how you will reach the decisions you need to make in order to produce the intended outcome you want related to this hate-group.  Here is a list of groups you may consider (but not limited to): ISIS, KKK, Mafia, M-13,Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Black Panthers, Hamas, Hezbollah, Neo-Naxis, Bloods,Crips, People Nation, Latin Kings, Folk Nation, Gangster disciples (note: there are over 156 documented gangs in the Char-Meck area). Provide a bibliography of all the resources you have used to compose this essay.




Intercultural Case Study #2:  There is a new breed of hate/prejudice sweeping across America that is not between the blacks and the whites.  This new ‘civil war’ is between the have’s and the have-not’s.  Look at when the last time a “poor” person was elected to a high office (state or national level).  [James K. Polk from Pineville was raised in a non-wealthy family].  Civil service used to be a “duty” and was not a paid position; over time, this civil service has come to earn one a paycheck.  The President of the U.S. earns $400,000/year, gets free public housing (White House is kept up by taxpayers), gets free medical, free body guard protection, free food, free administrative staff (you and I pay the White House staff salaries, not the US President), free air time when he/she speaks on television (you and I would have to buy advertising), free car, free airplane, free helicopter.  “Free” to the extent that he/she pays taxes like you and I pay but he/she does not have to pay anything extra beyond the taxes.  [An idea that might be creeping into your head by about now is, “Wonder why the US President need $400,000 a year in salary?”].  Well-to-do people get themselves elected and then go about seeking legislation changes that will benefit people with whom they can relate (such as the wealthy).  Overall, people who are working in Congress become richer while in office than before they took office. Give careful thought to how our political system in the U.S. has changed over the last few decades.   Or has the political system changed? How has the changes in the political system changed influenced our culture?  Influenced our society?  Influenced healthcare? Influenced education? The U.S. tax code system? Our military?  Our schools/colleges (profit and non-profit schools)?  Our court systems/prisons?  Do you like the changes that have occurred?  Presuming that you are not altogether pleased with all of these new effects, please identify a plan as to how you would address the changes in an effort to overturn some of the ill-effects and implement a new plan(s) that would better balance ‘law and order’ and ‘equity’ in terms of perception between the wealthy and the indigent of our American society.  Philosophical question- do we have a “sink or swim” approach or do we provide a safety  net for those who are not doing well (whether due to disability, discrimination, economic downturn, mental health, etc.)?  Do you think we should address this important issue before the issue gets “out of hand.”  What would an “out of hand” scenario of a civil war between the have’s and the have-not’s look like in our society today?  Does the financial state of a person breed more or less contempt for those who are unlike us?  Are “have” people prejudiced against or have ill feelings toward “have not” people? Vice-versa?  Research on financial markets and financial independence of Americans is showing that the rich are getting richer (we might call them the one-percenters), the poor are getting poorer, and that the middle class is drying up.  Where did the middle class go?  Answer: Some moved up to the richer levels while others have dropped down to the poverty levels (we call them working families).  In fact, if you really want to do some digging, check out the research and determine the number of Char-Meck Schools students who are classified as homeless.  Give careful consideration as to how culture’s perceptions of finances, material wealth, and attitude influence what we are seeing in our society today.  Share examples that you see/experience from your profession or personal life.  Address this topic from political systems, educational systems, financial systems, and health-care systems. Provide a bibliography of all the resources you have used to help you compose this essay (introduction with a preview of points, sub-headings for each of the main points made in the body, and a strong conclusion that provides a summary and clinching statement).

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