I don’t know how to handle this Biology question and need guidance.

answer the following questions, complete I will be attaching the powerpoint and also the chapter pdf

Review slides 17 and 21 in the Cell Signaling lecture presentation. In both cases phosphorylation is observed. Explain what is the difference as to how phosphorylation is accomplished for both processes?
Review slide # 34 and provide the steps of the activation of the Calcium Induced Calcium Release (CICR) system.
Review slide # 28 in the Cell Signaling lecture presentation. Explain what is being shown in the slide and the purpose of the process?
Review slide # 10 in the Cell signaling lecture presentation and explain what is the significance of the slide?
Describe in detail how the GPCR (G-protein complex receptors) cause their effect.
Requirements: 6-8 sentence


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